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♡ Melanie Martinez CRYBABY Tour NYC ~ Experience, Outfit, Photos + more! ♡

Hi lil'buns!

So before I begin talking about my experience at this wonderful concert, I must include a little segment of what Melanie's' music, aesthetics and personality mean to me.(Though I assume most of you reading this do lolz).

So Melanie Martinez is a popular musician who recently gained much fame after becoming one of the finalists on the voice in 2012, and has since released 2 albums "Dollhouse"! 

She has since gained more fans and recognition through her newest album from 2015 CRYBABY album centered to her ever blooming style and baby aesthetics.

I first came to know more about her shortly after the release of her music video Carousel (video link) and came to LOVE her after Pity Party's release. I recently found out that Carousel was used in a trailer for AHS: freak show --which I've watched and wasn't aware of somehow? Haha anyways! 

Little after getting more into her music, her CRYBABY album was released and I was so incredibly happy because her music is so unique!

Other than great music she releases, I also love love love her aesthetics. As someone who loves to wear pastel 24/7. She uses the pastel theme to advantage of adding her own style (baby theme), which work together so perfectly.

She embraces and is all about a childlike/baby theme. In other words I love that she really stuck to her own style and theme, and didn't become another clone being produced in the music industry. 

I'm sure there's more back story as to how and why she was able to, but its always nice to see a new artist express themselves through their music and not be tied down to limits made by their labels etc.

I found out about her Tour around November of 2015 and tickets for tour officially went on sale on December @12am (I had an email subscription to remind me lolz). 
I remember it was like a Thursday of Friday (basically the weekend) and having the page for the tickets open and once it was midnight *ding!* bought my ticket! I'd be seeing her on March 24th '16!

 I figured her tickets to perform in NYC would sell out if I waited to buy them --which they did! I was so glad to have bought mine on time and secured a chance at getting to see her in concert!

My outfit!

For my outfit to the concert, I knew I wanted the colours Baby pink, light blue black and white to somehow be incorporated into my outfit.
So I went with this look:

(I took this at a sneaker shop which served as some warmth while my friends and I waited in line aha)

Outfit run down:
Bow: (gift from a friend ^^)
Dress: -
Fluffy cardigan: JCPenny
Shoes: LolitaDressShop (use the code 'misumipyon' for a discount)
Socks: ebay!
Bag: Six Flags Justice League store (found no link online, gomen)

To The Concert!

I got lined up around 4pm, despite trying to get there earlier. But I managed to get to the front of the concert (about the 4th row) and I had a clear view of Melanie and her adorably set up stage! 

The concert was to begin at 7, but started a little closer to 7:30 which is ok! The opening band was pretty good, but people were getting impatient for Melanie.

A little before she begun performing, the audience suddenly turned into the closest thing I've experienced to a mosh pit! They were pushing and shoving and among the crowd my friends and I somehow migrated a little closer to the stage. 

Some people got pulled out of the crowd and I was witness to a fight...It was really crazy but all the more for an awesome experience!! From what I know, no one was seriously hurt. But one girl with asthma problems, i think she was having an attack, was taken to first aid. 

The stage was set up very adorably with Melanie's signature baby theme and a beautiful lighting scheme; a blue violet with devil red flashes which matched the beats to the song. Simple lighting but the stage props were all I was hopping for.

photo from my ig

Speaking of her appearance was so cute! I had heard from others who attended her earlier concerts what it would be, but nonetheless i was still excited for it. 

She climbed out of a baby bed/court when the first song begun playing which was Crybaby. She basically rolled out of it as one side fell to the ground, stood up and begun singing right away. 

During breaks of the song is when she said a few greeting and a proper lengthier one after the first song. She said she'd been super busy with her tour but excited to be here with us aww~

She is actually very smol in person, I was kinda surprised?? I feel like this enables her to pass off with her style with more ease than if she were taller. Speaking of her style, I LOVE the material of the dress she wore. Had the style/cut been a bit different i'd have waned to own one. She pulled it off really well!

One thing about the entire experience with stood out to me the most, was how diverse the audience was! I saw people of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicity's' & races there. It really touched and amazed me how many different people she has come to inspire, and literally brought them all together. It made me really happy to see that with my own two eyes!


Currently there is only one thing I truly want from her store; her CRYBABY album vinyl! I loved records since I was much younger (my father has been collecting them for years, and since been exposed to them since I was a baby -I came to like them too!). 

I didn't actually get anything from the concert because the line was long and everything was overpriced. So after words my friends and I went to a Japanese restaurant had a small meal, discussed the night and went home shortly afterwords.

I am so very happy and grateful to have experienced this and made new friends there as well!
I'm looking forward to more upcoming music and videos from Melanie. As for now i still cant get enough of music. 

I have more photos of my ig! Do take a look~

Thank you for reading!! ♡

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

♡ Monthly Favorites ~ October + November 2015 ! ♡

Hi lil'buns!

It's been a while since I last did a monthly favorites post so! I decided to combine both my October and November faves, since both months had a ton of different likes ^^

Before I get to that, I just want to mention the amount of disbelief I'm in about being this close to ending 2015! ( Ahh where did time go ?!? ) Lol.

The past two months have been very kind to me as I have been very comfortable in my environment and found out more about myself on so many carrying subjects recently. So on that note, I suppose these past two months have been one of my favorite this year! ( It might have to do with the fact that my birthday is on Halloween and it's literally my fave not-so-holiday-holiday with a close second to Christmas ). 

On that note, I have been considering a URL / identity name change and I might go ahead with it before Christmas comes along, change is good once in a while, for the right reasons.


Nails And rings! If you follow me on twitter or tumblr, you know I love my nails to be on the longer side. And this past two months they've been free of breakage! Yay~

I recently picked up this very soft and cute shade of pink polish and i instantly fell in love with it~ Not only is it a cute color but it also matches my skin tone so well~
I also love gold rings. The rose ring is a family heirloom and its very special to me, I always wear it.

I recently purchased this cute 90's tattoo choker from here! ( I have an upcoming ebay haul for my next post -look forward! ). This isn't the most flattering photo but it shows how well the choker fits one me ^^.

One of my all time favorite snacks has been Reeses cups and I tend to always have them around me when I study for motivation!

Shopping or even just browsing through the cutest knick-nacks is also something I enjoy. I found some really adorable items around the end of November!


One Punch Man

If you follow me on twitter or even tumblr, you already know that I am in love with the popular manga turned anime One punch Man. I rarely go for Shounen anime ( unless they are Naruto, Bleach or Gintama lol). So I was surprised to find that I actually loved the humor and sci-fi behind this anime. I highly recommend it even if your a little iffy about shounen or action anime. ^^ It's hilarious and leaves you wanting more, even though they've barely explained anything that's going on ( in the anime at least. ) The story behind it's origins is pretty amazing too. To sum it up, even though I suggest you do some searching on your own, is that a small ( badly drawn ) webcomic in Japan suddenly became popular and gained enough fame to become a published manga redrawn by the artist of the famous anime Eyeshild21 and later became even more popular to finally earn it's own anime, and here we are. In the age of Saitama (baldy ) -whom I love.

Skin Care!

Recently I begun using this peach scrub and its fantastic! Not only does it smell good but the scrub (in the smaller container) makes my skin so smooth and free of that heavy feeling of makeup and dirt on my face, where as the blemish control helped out with acne scars. ( i might make a review on this product soon ).


I saw tv but I watch about 90% of my fave shows etc on my laptop ^^

As you all know by now (probably ) I looooooooove kdramas and I've been watching them for a very long time now ( i think it's been like 5 years now ). And i recently begun watching these two dramas (none of which I've currently finished-yet! ) and absolutely love them.

She was pretty

I order you

You probably also know that I looove superheroes and anything which revolves around them so when my friend suggested I give The Flash a try, I was instantly hooked!

The flash

Inspiration, Advice, Beauty

I find that there are often very few people online who inspire me through sheer personality (first ) and ability on a personal level, however i recently begun watching videos from my two fave youtubers again, who I believe are so genuine and not fake like a lot of youtubers/online celebrities I run into. ( just my opinion, no need to be but hurt ). 

Where do I even start with Weylie?! LOL! She is just so cheerful and full of so much advice I feel like her videos cheer me up without fail when I'm feeling down about just anything. Plus she is also very cute and free spirited! 

I've been watching Sammies videos for over 2 years now and it's not just her content I love, it's her personality, style, authenticity and spirit -honestly! Shes the exact opposite of a ton of vloggers I come a cross who seem/are very fake , and not I don't know her in person, but she has a certain charm and charisma which I don't find in this field of work.


Larme-kei is just about my favorite Jfashion style, it's what I feel most comfortable in and I find it extremely adorable. I simply love the mix of 'soft' pastely colours, the cutest shoes and fabrics like silks with ruffles! It's super girls and gentle on the eyes~

Risa nakamura

Risa has been one of my greatest fashion inspirations for over 2 years, but recently she seems to have 'uped' her game by adding blacks and dark lipsticks into her style, which was previously mostly pastels and white--which I love! And she quickly became a fave again.

Swankiss Shop staff

As always, the swankiss staff is a great inspo to me. And as I shopped throughout these 2 months, they were a great influence on my style (which has always been pastely tho ). 



Halloween was a blast this year! I got to celebrate it not once but three times in three different locations this year. Considering its also my birthday, why wouldn't I go all out?! i enjoyed each celebration with new friends and even though I didn't go trick or treating for the first time in forever, its ok because it was amazing regardless. 


Fall is a wonderful time of year for me because foliage is the most amazing thing to witness. And the fall tends to have some of the most beautiful and colorful sunsets.....Nature is just so magical!!


Tons of music has really inspired me and simply made me happy, quickly made its way into my playlist this November. Most of it is Kpop, lol. But I can always appreciate new music which makes me happy~

Here's my current fave (as said in my faves list on the top right of my blog)

Twenty Three by IU

Call Me Baby (EXODUS album) by EXO

Cry baby Album by Melanie Martinez

I can wait to see her in March of 2016 in NYC! Ahhhhh~ I love Melanie and her music so much! I cant wait for it to be March yet! ( If you're just so happen to be going to nyc for her concert, let me know, we can meet up! More into on meets ups on my twitter and tumblr @misumipyon ).

Thank you for reading!
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Friday, October 30, 2015

♡💀 Cute-Halloween Inspired Ebay Finds! Part 1 💀♡

Happy almost Halloween !

 I mean omg its almost Halloween and if you follow me on twitter (follow me plz and thank) , you know I'm super excited for it. Considering its my favorite day of the year, because it also my birthday - I'm always excited for it!
As we get closer and closer to Oct 31, I grow more anxious so I decided to put together this Halloween inspired ebay finds post, as I did some early bday shopping and outfit cordinating for this month~

Take a look at what I found!

💕💀 Accessories 💀💕


💕💀 NSFW  💀💕



Black Harness             Bra-like Harness


Triangle Harness               Choker Harness


💕💀 Shoes 💀💕

Glitter Jelly Platforms
1 / 2

Thank you for reading!
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