Monday, December 16, 2013

♡ UlzzangCultureShop review~ Usamimi & Nekomimi headbands (うさみみねこみみレビュー) ♡


 Hi cuties! Hope you are all doing well and are enjoying/enjoyed you Christmas break.
Revently I have been preparing for my Christmas break and I had forgotten that i was expecting a package from the post office. So when these items showed up at my door, I was kind of surprised and then i got really happy! 

♡ The envelope was from  UlzzangCultureShop! This store features all kinds of cute hair accessories like usamimi & nekomimi headbands, cute iphone cases, ulzzang glasses, adorable pastel bags and clothing. Their products are very affordable and make perfect Christmas gifts! 

♡ I received the following items, here are the pictures from their website. 

PREORDER Mint Green w/ White Dots HeadbandPREORDER Pink Peach w/ White Dots Headband
♡ Usamimi headband in several colors and patterns. 

Cat Headbands!

Here are the pictures i took:
♡ My package came in at a good time and in good condition. The items were sealed in a bubble wrapped envelope and didn't undergo any harm during shipment. It also had all these stamps on it~ 

So what items did i get 


♡ I got these three lovely headbands! Two usamimi headbands in pink and green, and one black nekomimi headband.  Both are very popular in Korea and have been for a while! They are both so cute! I was so excited to when i opened it! I also received a cute little note from the stores owner!

♡ The two bunny ear bands can be warn as a head-wrap, hair band or simple bow. You can customize its shape easily because it has a bendy wire inside. 

♡ The most popular style of wearing them is as head wraps with tiny usagimimi / bunnyears. 

♡ But! You can also wear them as big hair bows on you pony tail or pig tails. 

 The fabric is really soft and silky and the color is also very bright and pretty. It's easy to shape them into whatever shape you want them to be. 

♡ My favorite of of the three would have to be the cat ears / nekomimi headband in black. It comes in several colors from neon pink, leopard blue and on. 

 Thank you UlzzangCultureShop for these cute items! 

Visit this store:

Thank you for reading~~!!

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

♡ Clothing Haul + Updates ♡

Hey guys~ How are you all doing, I hope you are adjusting to winter well. 

Here my town got our second snow day so i didn't go to school yay~ So I took the opportunity to catch up on some sleep. 

Look at all that pretty snow on all the trees~~~

I love snow-days it's such a relief, my friend and i were talking on the phone last night both wishing we would get a second snow day, and we did! I would have gone shopping but that's what I did all of Saturday and Sunday lol. And i was invited to go for a shopping spree with the same friend, but i was feeling like a hermit crab this morning and decided to stay home all day.

 My friends and i decided to do a secret-santa thing for Christmas this year instead of buying individual gifts for each other. We all agreed this works better so, i'm still looking for items for one friend ^^
So far i got these few things for her:

Also heres a recent outfit i put together for a school function. 

My grade was being celebrated for being a year older and wiser, so we had a ring ceremony where we have special rings made with our initials and school emblem on the ring with an emerald of our choice. I got a very small one compared to what most people got because i'm not a fan of chunky rings. So I chose a dainty styled ring that didn't require any customization.

Anywaysssss. Here are a couple of things i've bought over this month, thought id share them with you all. 

First i got this these two top that have lace all over the top with a little cover up on the boobs, and even more lace on the back area. They are quite revealing with their U neck, and tons of lacey areas. I couldn't resist getting it in two, the peach one is very cute and flirty, where as the black one which looks pretty good on my skin tone.

My favorite catch of the day would have to be this teal lace shirt. I've been told many times that i look good in light blues and even noticed the contrast myself, so when i spotted this shirt I just had to get it. I also pictured a very cute outfit with a black foux leather skirt, and cheetah print shoes with it. I'm glad i found it.

I happened to spot this on the clearance rack and just had to get it. I've been wanting a denim looking button up shirt for a while, just to know what ways i can style it up as. They can also look very fashionable with colored shorts/ pants, when your feeling too lazy to dress up.

I also got this great pastel pink button down shirt with lace at the back. I think it would look really great with a faux leather skirt as well.

My favorite purchase so far would have to be these shoes. They are off-white lace combat boots! when i first saw these shoes I thought they were really pretty but I hesitated to get themat first because I wasn't sure how they'd look on me and i wasn't sure how id be able to style them. Then after thinking about it for a while i decided to take a chance and get them anyway.

  I'll be doing a separate review on them in a later post. Look forward~

The second pair aren't actually mine, they are a Christmas gift for my older sister. She's been wanting leather combat boots for a while so  my mom and i decided to surprise her with them.

I almost forgot to mention that i won my first giveaway on tumblr last week and this one one of the gifts i received, read the full post HERE.

Thank you all for reading~! 

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Friday, December 6, 2013

♡ W2beauty ~ Cute Shop Spotlight! ♡


Hey all! 

♡ I hope your December is going well~ As well as you Christmas preparations. 
I have some great news to share with those of you who like Korean makeup products. ♡

♡ W2beauty is a Korean beauty webshop is having a Christmas sale on several Korean beauty products from TonyMoly, Etude House,Etude House, and many other popular companies, are all 10% off~ Including BB creams, falsies, eyeliner, skincare products and nail polish. For an even bigger discount, use the code "25136506" for 15% off~! ♡

♡ Here are some of the products that are on sale.

All of this and more at:

More Cute Shop spotlight posts coming soon! Thank you for reading~♡ 

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