Wednesday, September 25, 2013

♡ Halloween outfit accessories & Ideas ♡

Hey guys! Hows the new school year going? Hopefully well!

 It's almost my favorite time of the year Halloween!! Not only because its my birthday buuuuuut I like the idea of getting to dress up as whatever you want plus getting tons of yummy candy~!! 

Anyways, I found some cheap accessories on eBay that can hopefully help you with your outfit ideas or if you just like creepy-cute accessories like myself  Hopefully you can also find some inspiration in this post

 Outfit Ideas 

♡ Demon Kimono Girl 

Expo was so fun! ^^

♡ Attack on Titan / Shingeki No Kyoujin 

♡ Although this one costume isn't made right on the face, the rest of the costume is about right 

♡ Skeleton Pirates 
Image credit

♡ Pocahantas 

♡ Sally from 'Nightmare Before Christmas' 


♡ Japanese school girl from eBay . I actually just ordered this one, i says it'll be here by the end of the month! So I'll be doing a review on it in the near future ^^ 
Liven up this plain uniform with accessories below!

♡ Maid Cosplay 

 ♡ Cute School Girl  

♡ Bat Kigurumi 

 Alice in wonderland / French maid cosplay
I also ordered this maid outfit, it's too cute to resist! I hope it arrives soon 


 Bone hair clips from eBay 2 

♡ Mini Devil Horns from eBay 

♡ Skeleton Hand Necklace from eBay 2 3 

♡ Skeleton hand hair clips/elastics from eBay 

♡  Eyeball hair clips
Blood Stain |  Single color ♡ 

♡ Skeleton Tights from eBay 

♡ Burgundy/Maroon Cosplay Wig from Ebay 

♡ Pink and Blond wig from eBay 

♡ Vampire Teeth from eBay 

♡ Elf ears from eBay 

Make Up Ideas

♡ Creepy School Girl 

♡ Shironuri (whiteface) Demon 
shes so beautiful~

♡ That skill level...simply amazing. (This is Genma btw a famous Japanese shironuri artist same as Minori!) 

♡ I hope this was helpful to you all and your Halloween preparations are going well, if you don't celebrate Halloween I hope you .....


Friday, September 20, 2013

♡ Pandora Vanilla Shake 4 Tone Grey Review / ♡

Hi guys! Long time no see but I'm back with another review! Yay! 

This time, I got sponsored by, as it says in the title, and they allowed me to review ; Pandora Milkshake in grey. 
This is my first time being sponsored by them and I can honestly say that I couldn't ask for better service. I emailed them 2 weeks before I received my package, and while we emailed back and forth they explained their process very well. They sent me the lenses on August 22nd and I got them in the mail on September 1st. That's pretty quick! (from past experiences with other stores). And they were very kind and willing to let me do this review. Their store also has a wide variety of lenses, from the very popular Geo brand to unique brands like Pandora. Their website is also well organised, and  you can get costumer service if you have any questions. Also you can get adorable animal lens cases fr cheap, together with which every lens you order!

After thorough thinking,  I decided to go ahead with these:

These are Pandora Vanilla shake in grey and the cost only $15~
They come in five other lovely colours~ ♡

 Lens Information:  

Power Range: 0.00 ~ -10.00
Diameter: 19.5 mm
Base Curve Radius: 8.60
Water Content: 52%
1 year disposable

♡ This was my first time ever wearing 19.5mm lenses that's huuuuge!! So I was kind of worried they would look too unnatural, that's why I picked a subtle colour, grey, even though it almost looks like a pale violet. ♡

♡ This is everything that came in the package. Every thing was safely wrapped in bubble wrap. The lovely pink Pandora box with the beautiful lenses and one cute Hello Kitty lens case~ ♡

♡ I was Pandora signature box so pretty!. Its so cute and has a very delicate looking and beautiful design, to make it better its shines differently according to the lighting. ♡

♡ Gold and pink look so lovely together ♡

♡ I really like the heart on the back of the box, with a little window to sneak a peak at the lenses. ♡

♡ But whats in the cute little box? ♡

♡ Tada~ ♡

♡ As for the lenses themselves, they came in two separate packages and not vials which was also a surprise to me. This one more thing that makes Pandora lenses so unique♡

♡ Look at dat detail!! ♡

♡ To open this container you have to peal the sticker on the back ♡

♡ I also got a free pair of cute Hello Kitty lens case~! ♡

♡ I really like the crystal like cut shape in the back, it makes the lens look so cool and shiny ♡

♡ Sparkle Sparkle♡

♡ Now, time to see what they look  like in my actual eye~! ♡

More Details

Shipping / Postage:  ♥5/5

I give this the highest of points because they arrived super quick after the delivery date. In only a week ans a half my package was waiting in the mail, that's the fastest I've ever received a package from Easter n Asia. So they deserve a 5/5 for their super quick shipping.

Communication:  3/ 5  

For communication i have to mark this a little low and give it a 3/5 though. Only because it took the staff i was email back and forth with , a long time to reply back to me. Whether it was because they were busy i don't know but it was little confusing and i thought they were ignoring me for a while, buuuut they eventually got back to me and things went smoother.

Products: ♡ 4/ 5

Naturally I would give this a 5/5 because the lenses are gorgeous  Not to mention that the packaging was very secure, but I was a little concerned about the Hello Kitty lens case. They weren't wrapped or in some kind of plastic sealed bag, they were exposed and looked like they had been previously opened ( don't confuse the lens case with the lenses themselves ^^). So before using them I cleaned them well and after words put in my lenses to soak in some solution.

Visit thier store:

Thank you so much for reading~

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Coming up.....Dueba Puffy 3 Tones in grey.