Saturday, April 18, 2015

♡ Local Comic Con 2015 + Comic, Studio Ghibli Haul! ♡

Hi lovelies~!
So about a week ago I went for a comicon in my area and to my surprise it was a little more extravagant considering it wasn't NYCC or SanFranCC. Either way I had tons of fun and really let out my superhero geek side out aha! I went with two of my friends and we spent a total of 2/3 days at the convention.

I also made a debut as my beloved Kuroneko (finally) and I was soooo happy that quite a few people recognized who i was, despite most attendees of the con being comic book fans and very few anime fans.

I got this lovely dress from here! (Get discount by using the code "misumipyon" for 10% off and free jewelry!).

♡ Cosplay Rundown: 

Wig -
Cat ears headband - UlzzangCultureShop

Seflie! Unfortunately I didn't get any full length shots of my cosplay but no worries, I'm planning a photoshoot with a friend of mine!

Also can i just say my eyebrows were on fleek!

♡ Cosplayers! ♡

I run into quite a few great cosplays and they all looked superb!

A wild Deadpool appeared! (They were everywhereeee aha!).
I couldt resist getting a photo of the Joker, he is one of my face villains together with Harlequin!

This Gandalf was one of the best cosplays I had seen at the con because it was so well put together, and of course he won a prize too!

                                                                     Her facebook!

This gorgeous Black Widow cosplayer came up to me after the cosplay contest while I was wondering the dealers room and she was so sweet and complemented my cosplay.

She told me that when she first thing that came to her was "she must enter the cosplay contest!" and I did so she told me how happy she was for me to have won a prize and it was really nice getting a chance to talk to her. Check out here facebook page here

There was also a really good league of Legends cosplays on stilts bouncing around the convention, I forget the name of the character they were cosplaying as but it must not have been easy to walk around all day on stilts.

I got a selfie with one of the judges and hosts at the cosplay contest and star trek panel. His a famous producer and actor within the star trek community and it was really awesome getting to meet and receive a prize from him!

♡ Haul! ♡

I stumbled upon a huge comicbook seller at the dealers room and I was more than pleased to know that their X-Men collection was the biggest compared to all the other comics they had for sale. Of course I rummaged through it (gently of course) and found these precious jewels among them. 

🌹 Comic con haul from over the weekend! I couldn’t help but get new X-men comics and I finally have my own little Totoro!♡ im really pleased with everything i bought, i had a great time and i even won a prize for one of my cosplays 😙! 🌹

Most of them were from the "X-men Apocalypse" series, I gotta do some studying before the next movie comes out right? I also got some new Witchblade comics which I haven't read since I was very very young, so it was really pleasant to immerse myself in the world of comics once again.

I also bought my first Studio Ghibli merchandise which was a mini Totoro who is super squishy and soft, two Chopper (from One Piece) key-chain for my friends who love him and then there's the trophy I won at the cosplay contest!

Thank you all so much for reading I hope you enjoyed this post! As a;always, if you see yourself or someone you know among the cosplayers, do let me know so I can source them and give them some credit!

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

♡ March Haul! ~ Cosplay, Figures, Cosmetics and more! ♡

Hey lovelies long time no post! But April is already here and I wanted to share a few things I totally love which I got last month in March--It haul time~! My haul ranges from cosplays, to makeup and I love every single one of them!

♡ Cosmetics 

I found some really great deal on some makeup and managed to pick up this lovely makeup kit with more colours than i could count and it is just so convenient to have eye shadows, foundation, lipstick, a mirror etc all in one! 

Plus it fold up into a little carrier case and its so cute and efficient!

I also found some really good lip stains which came in a wide assortment of colors perfect for my skin tone!
It came in baby pink, dark cherry, orange poppy, pink azalea and apple red! (Not the name of the brands colours btw, this was just what I felt about the colours when I applied them ^^)

(You can barely see what the colours look like in the last pic, but I wanted to show a comparison!)

I also got a second bunch of lip stains. These ones were more glossy~

♡ Anime Goodies! 

I had ordered a Kuroneko figure a few weeks aback and she finally arrived at my door step not too long ago! And I got her at a really good price, about 20% off her usually price range-- which is hard to find considering how loved and huge this particular model is. I bought her on! She is my first 1/7 figure and I was ridiculously happy to finally own her~!

I will be writing a separate figure unboxing post for her and later ill include a post on my Kuroneko figure collection thus far!

I also got this gorgeous and very detailed cosplay from .
Cosplaying Kuroneko's lolita version is something I have wanted to do and I finally got the chance to do it when I found a reliable store to get her lolita costume! I was so happy to receive such a pretty and quality cosplay. I'll be making a separate review post on her cosplay and I'll be having a little photoshoot too~!

As a fan of Kyoukai No Kanata I was extremely excited to find this fan and art book of the show that covered topics like character designs, seiyus(voice actors) and the inspiration for the irl location within the actual anime! Fan books are really interesting and I plan on purchasing more for anime I become interested in.

Thank you for reading this overdue post! I'll try to be more prompt with upcoming posts from now on (aha!). Anyways thanks again for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post and will look forward to my future posts. New posts every 3 days!

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