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♡ Otakon 2015: Cosplay Decisions + Preparation! ♡

Hi lil'buns~!

I finally put together my post about m experience at Otakon2015 aka my favorite con of the year! I first attended Otakon2014 and had a great time which is even difficult fo r me to put into words on how truly great it was (lol). But since the last day of the con last year, I knew for sure I was going to attend the next year and the one after.

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One of my favorite pics from day one last year! ( Read about last year! 1 / 2 ).

After my great experience at otakon last year, both in terms of cosplaying, panels, interaction with others and location, I wanted to go all out this year. This is also because the location of the con is going to change starting next year, therefore this would be the last ear the coon would be held at this current location --which I have come to really like *sob*.

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After weeks of waiting, a schedule was finally released, and with that I could finalize cosplays and my weekend!

Anyways, after having a successful cosplay experience in the past, I decided to take my cosplaying experience a little further and make a own cosplay from scratch, purchase a dream cosplay and receive one of my faves from previous times.

I decided ( after contemplating for weeks and several reviews ) to cosplay these four cuties:

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Friday- Super Sonico.

I've admired super sonico for a bout a year now and this cosplay is on of my fav. looks of hers. So after finding a cosplay of it online, I could help myself.

Saturday AM- Ririchiyo Shikariin from InucBoku SS

Saturday PM - Kuroneko from Oreimo2

Sunday - Mako Mankanshoku fight club president from Kill La Kill

And with that decision made --finally-- I got to work asap and begun making Ririchiyos white and red kimono, which I have admired for years ( since 2012 when the anime came out). Getting to finally cosplay a character/design you love is one of the best feelings, especially when you make it with you own hands. I honesty wish this feeling to all cosplayers, its the best!

♡ ~Making the cosplay~ ♡

Using my mothers wonderful sewing machine aka Magnolia xD , I got tow work using a beautiful white fabric I found with flower patterns and red strips of cloth for the lining of the collar and sleaves. To make tis, I simply looked up "yukata pattern" on google as well as youtube to find a rough idea of how to make a yukata, then using my own measurements (with the help of my mother-bless her!) and my own imagination I created my own pattern a nd begun cutting up the fabric- with no reassurance if what I was doing was going to work. But I was so determined to get this cosplay done, I didn't let negative thoughts cross me.

"Step one of making your own cosplay: Don't panic
Step 2: repeat step 1" ~Me

And to my own surprise and relief, I wad doing something right! The yukata pattern was working and I could finally see some positive results after just re-learning how to sew after years! I stayed up the rest of that night ti accomplish more. (my mother was so proud!).

Within the first few hours of getting to work, I could already see it coming together!

Two days later --after winging it it and adding last minute adjustments-- I was done!
With the red lining on the collar and sleeves which I thought I would get done! I can honestly say I amazed my entire family with this feat.

I used an obi from a traditional yukata a friend gave me=she lives in Japan!- and a skater skirt I already owned for the bottom. For the gold belt Riri-chan has around her waist, I used actually rope, braided it and pray painted in gold to look like hers.

My very first costest of my completed Ririchiyo yukata featuring the scarf --which I also made-- wig and tights, not featured: red lining on sleeves and collars. As you can see from the image/sticker I added, they look very similar *sobs*. I was honestly so proud of my work, and the complements on instagram made me even happier!!

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I later added the red to it~~

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I previously put together a makeup and and wig styling costest for Ririchiyo in anticipation of finally getting to cosplay her! ( More about this costest).

I also made adjustments to my Mako Mankanshoku cosplay from the previous year! ( Read about last year!) I only wore it once and did get to wear t for too long, so I gave it a second shot! 

I really love how it turned out, also I had severe nostalgia from the great memories I made last year the the Kill la La Kill anime photoshoot! I met great people there and had the best time there. I hoped to meet more KLK cosplayers this year, and to my pleasure-there were! Just not as many as the previous year. Which makes sense, the hype of the show died down a little. Nevertheless, Mako is precious to me so I was happy to wear this again. 

And right before leaving for my weekend I checked my mail to find that my long awaited Super Sonico cosplay had in fact arrived on time, hrs before I was leaving --Talk about good luck! 

I promise I will review it in a separate post AND have a complete cosplay shoot soon! I considered making the pops for this cosplay, but i figured it would be a little difficult hauling them with me around the convention as ump from panel to panel etc.

As for my Kuroneko cosplay, I already had a lovely dress pre-made just for me! I also already had the other necessary item such as the shoes, wig, stockings and neko ears~

I also have a cosplay review, makeup tutorial and photo-shoot of this to share with you all~!

Before I knew it it was time to finish packing for my trip to Baltimore, including all my completed cosplays and regular cute clothes for my weekend getaway!

I wore comfy clothes for the long journey:
Top: KPP 2013 concert t-shirt

This is one of my favorite shirts btw!

Con essentials! aka: What's in my bag, con edition!

First off a cute tote bag(read about it here), makeup essentials, phone, lens case, 3DS (gotta get those street passes), perfume and deodorant, collected of otaku pins and badge! Now it's off to the con!

Look forward to my post(s) about my con experience and photos of my cosplasy! Also a haul post featuring new figure and goods!
Thank for reading, I hope you enjoyed this and are excited for next time!

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

♡ Monthly Favorites: June & July! ♡

Hi lovelies! Happy Summer!

I cant believe summer is almost over -ahhh i don't want to believe it but time flew by sooo fast! So quick I barely even realized I hadn't yet posted my June/July faves-sooo I decided to combine both monthly faves into one post! I promise i'll post my August faves before the end of the month~

Anyways, here are my June & July favorites! 

♡ Clothing

I have totally fallen in love with gingham prints and now I basically buy anything cute i find in this pattern, such as this lovely dress. It is so me!

♡ Jewelry 

♡ Accessories ♡

Ariel is one of my fave Disney princesses (along with Jasmine) so when I spotted this case I just had to own it~~

Cute purse I received from my mother as a gift! Glitter is just one of my favorite things and I can see myself carrying this for special occasions. 

♡ Gaming

Tbh animal crossing new leaf will forever remain one of my favorite games. Most people feel as if its charms fades but really it only gets more exciting~

♡  Plushies 

My first piece of ghibli merch! (excluding dvds of course!)

♡ Other 

I remember seeing a lot of gyaru in magazines like Egg and Ranzuki with cute huge headbands which they used to hold their hair up during makeup tutorials and such, and I finally found a hello kitty one recently! I literary wear it all the time I'm relaxing at home~

♡ Makeup / Cosmetics 

Of course my favorite fragrances and body products were going to be included. 

I love anything vanilla or coconut scented, and this mist has the loveliest vanilla scent, it's not too strong instead it's very pleasant and light but lasts all day.

I tend to stay away from scented lotions but I instantly fell in love with this product. The lotion doesn't irritate my skin and has a wonderful berry scent.

I mentioned a box full o lip crayons i purchased a few months back, and I have slowly worked my way through the box of various lip tints. From orange pinks to maroon and I totally fell for this plum colour. When it comes to lip colour I am very particular to my everyday look, but I was very open to the lovely colours this brand provided.

I also discovered Ellen Paige lip glosses and came to really like her products. Especially this orange-pink shade!

As for my cleansing products, I have totally been blown away by and impressed by st.Ives peach wash with beads! My dermatologist and several friends actually recommended it to me, so I decided to finally give it a try and I have been very pleased with the results. Perhaps I'll do a review on them or a "facial cleansing" post sometime~

♡ Music ♡

Golden Touch - Namie Amuro

Morning Musume - One Two Three to 0 (from their NYC concert- which was amazing!! Read about it here!)

Red Velvet - Ice Cream Cake
I can proudly say I know the dance to this~

Davichi - Two Womens Room

Ever since I first listened to Davichi a few months ago, I knew that they were promising musicians and I loved every single song of their I've had the pleasure to listen to. However the tune and mood of Two Womens Rooms sends shivers down my spine, it's so emotional and different and so is the message in this particular song. And simply how they portray that message. I recommend this song the most on this list. This song actually makes me wan to learn to play that guitar and I'm determined to at least learn this.

♡ TV Shows♡

Image result for sense 8 netflix

I am always willing to give unique shows a chance and I can honestly say that there is no other show in existence quite like Sense8. It's concept is just do beautifully executed and written from the characters personalities to their background and as an admirer for culture around the world, this show really did it for me. I highly recommend it, the writers are just so open minded it amazes me hoe perfect this show actually is. I really hope they make a second season. It has a lot of nudity tho ^///^

As a huge fan of Marvel (and superheroes in general) I was surprised to find out I hadn't given this show a chance, but when I finally did I absolutely loved it and couldn't stop watching it- cant wait for season 3!

♡ Manga / Anime ♡

Ore Monogatari

Gangsta is probably the furthest genre of manga could have pictured my self reading a year ago but after reading about it on tumblr and seeing occasional scans of it, I decided to find out what it was really about -and I came to really like it. I'm so tempted, however, to put down the manga and watch the anime -which premiered recently- but I really want to get a little further into the plot which I know for  fact will be dismissed in the anime( surprise, surprise).

Himouto! Umaru-chan is a very silly and humorous anime. It is definitely of the otaku/NEET genre but it has it's charms.

Well, that's about it for this monthly favorites post! Keep up with my shenanigans on my twitter, and look forward to my August faves coming up within the next week or so. 
I hope you all liked this post, do comment below what you thought and any questions you may have!

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