Wednesday, July 17, 2013

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

♡Sponsored♡ Atomic Lace / Galaxy Nebula Ring ♡

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Hi everyone! Today I have an exciting review to share with you all. I recently got the chance to do a sponsored review from the store Atomic Lace which has all sorts of creepy-cute jewelry and accessories from sparkly to skull earnings, rings and broaches! It's owner is very friendly and so sweet, it was a pleasure working with her and getting to chat ^^. I was so happy when she let me know I could do the review. I couldn't wait for my package to arrive, which did finally make its way to my house only a week later! --Not much of a wait at all!

 ♡ I was sponsored a galaxy ring which has a very beautiful nebula design on a cross shape. I absolutely love it, as I was browsing the store I kept going back to it lol. And now I finally own one.

 ♡ The package came very securely in an envelope with enough bubble wrap.

 ♡ Behind the bubble wrap revealed an adorable black box with the stores name on it (I love the melty touch to it) and a card with a cute little nerdy dog.
♡ Now for the ring~

 ♡ Tada~!

 ♡ The details are very good and it disappointing at all, although it turned out smaller than I expected I was very happy with the design and material. It's made with a strong and light plastic which clearly shows the nebula/galaxy pattern clearly on the front.

 ♡ On the back, the ring itself is adjustable and slightly 'opens' ti fit any size fingers.
  I have thin fingers so it got on no problem. But even with wider fingers the adjuster makes it ok for anyone.

 ♡ Compared to the picture of the ring on the stores website, they are very similar, so I did receive what I was looking at online.
Cosmic Cross Acrylic Brooch
 ♡ Check out Atomic Lace:

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