Monday, July 21, 2014

♡ July Buys + Updates & Otakon ♡

Hey cuties~! I'm sure I've already mentioned this a bout ten times but I will be attending Otakon in August!! Yay 

This will be my first official anime convention and I'm more than excited to go dressed up as my favorite characters and meet other cuties there who love the same anime I do and share the interests as me  If you will be attending Otakon, please comment below~! There's so much I have to say about Otakon and my preparations for it, so I will be making a separate post for that, look forward~!

In preparation for Otakon and in my never ending journey to fill up my closet with the cutest things, I did some ebay shipping about 5 days ago, and I'm expecting to receive my packages in a week and a half-- so close yet so far away ugu ;___; 
Here are the things i got:


I got baby blue seifuku, for my Mako Mankanshoku cosplay. I've been wanting to cosplay her since Kill La Kill was still airing and I'm even more determined to do it now that I have all the materials I need, now I'm only left to assemble them ^^


I also bought two cherry boys in black and pink plaid because I love both colors and I have two cords coming up with both color themes :)


As for the tights/stockings I got, I was a little bit too excited when I found these three pairs for the cheapest prices lol. The gun tights were $1 , the  hello kitty ones were $3 and the black neko were $2 ! what a bargain, most Harajuku themed webshops would sell them for $8-$13+ -- so i consider this a great find!
I've been wanting cute frill socks for a while now, but I just coulndt seem to find  fair i liked in local stores, so when  found these cuties on ebay, i had to get them! They will work perfectly for a ton of my outfits,

I also bought little devil horns in black for an original character cosplay. I have never done a cosplay for a character I designed myself, so this  is pretty exciting! Her costume also includes a kimono eep~!!!!

Thank you for reading lovelies~! 
Ebay shopping is always so exciting because I always find what I'm looking for with the cheapest prices, it's always a bit of a problem trusting the store though, even with their reviews and stars of approval....

anyways, I'm so excited to be attending Otakon this year! I'll have a whole post about it up within the next few days, including my cosplays for all 3 days, where i got my cosplays/things I made, meets ups ill be attending etc etc -- long post!

Until then bai bai~!

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

♡ Nekori Store ~ Cute Shop Spotlight ♡

Hello Cuties~!
Today I would like to introduce you all to a new store I can across called Nekori ~!
Nekori is my newest affiliate and I would like to share with you the cute clothing and accessories they sell.  Nekori is a Harajuku inspired clothing store that is outside the tags of lolita, fairy kei and focuses more on the new and upcoming styles -- which don't have an official name yet! It's kinda exciting to see new styles pop up among several people in Japan that resemble a theme, but be un-categorized~~

They also have FREE shipping!! How great is that, it's always kinda upsetting when i get cute things at ok pries then the total at the end it not at all ok because the shipping costs so much, but this wont be a problem with Nekori at all~!!
Anyways, lets take a look a look at Nekori's store:

~ All Images are Linked ~

Daisy sweaterMonsters inc. sweaterVintage batman crop sweaterCat sweaterHipster diamond sweaterUnicorn gth sweater

Sailor moon tshirtDuck short topPolka blouse

Batman skirtAdventure time skirtMarijuana skirt

Pastel suspender skirtCute sailor uniform

Pink wings backpackVintage clock bag{4 colors} cute owl bagCute retro backpackCaptain america backpackBlack wings backpack

Ripped tight stockingTotoro stockingsMinnie mouse stockings

Lace embroidery shortsDaisy denim shortsLace denim shorts

Etude house hands creamEtude house etoinette lipstick{the face shop} make up baseCupcake contact lenses case

Korean cosmetics are the best~!

Big teddy bearRilakkuma bento boxRilakkuma individual pillow

Find other cutie things at:

Thank you for reading lovelies~! I hope you liked this post and found it useful for the next time you go shopping for kawaii Japanese clothing, with awesome prices- take advantage of  them! Plus don't forget about the free shipping~!

use the code "pyon" for a discount!
Look forward to future reviews from this store 

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