Saturday, April 26, 2014

♡ Cute Etsy Finds + Stores ♡

Hi cuties~! How was your Easter break? 
Mine was great, I had a family dinner and celebrated my uncles birthday~!

I was able to put together a list of some cute accessories and clothes I found on etsy stores. And i decided to share them with you  lovelies!

Creamy bunny necklace

Lilac Angel wing clips

Cute Outline CRESCENT MOON Charm 10mm BLACK Velvet Ribbon Choker - kr.. or choose another colour velvet, hand made to order :)

Black velvet choker

Fairy Kei Sweater Clips Angel Wings - Duo Tone Pink and Red

Double Angel Wing clips

Winged phone charm

Phone charm

Fairy Kei Pastel Star Safety Pin Earrings Light Pink Blue Yellow - You Choose
Fairy-kei earings

2 Totoro perler bead sprites

Totoro perler beads

Squishy phone charms

Sailor Moon Crescent Wand Necklace

Sailor Moon Crescent Wand necklace

Penguin tote bag

Moon Crisis NECKLACE

Moon Crisis Makeup gem

Kawaii Raindrop baby pastel beanie

Raindrop pastel beanie

Creepy Blue Rhinestone Heart Shaped Sunglasses. Gothic, Grunge

Creepy-Cute shades/sunglasses

Daisy Retro Round Shaped Sunglasses

Daisy Sunglasses

Little Twin Stars Lala. Cute iPhone Cell Phone Handmade Felt Case. Pink Yellow. Summer Case. Digital Camera.

Lala Handmade Phone case

Thank you for reading cuties! I decided I'll be doing these type of posts every so often, maybe once a week, and share all the adorableness I find online with you all. I also have a ton of new reviews coming up as well as some exciting new update posts.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

♥Sponsored♥ Lolita Skirt Review / ♥


Hello lovelies~!
How has you week been so far? I hope all is well! apologize for the lack of updates recently >.< I've been so busy with school and other activities that have kept me from blogging -__-" I've been able to keep myself busy with all kinds of activities and getting good grades and I've been feeling little more tired and stressed tan usual--However, i came home about 2 days ago to this surprising sponsor package from !but I found time and made this exciting post I've been dying to share! ( Btw I'm more active on my instagram if you would like to follow me ^^ )

This store sells all kinds of lolita goods, from wigs to shoes, literary head to toe items in a wide variation of styles and colors. Although none of their products are actual burando (branded lolita such as Angelic Pretty, BtssB etc) they sell some replicas and tons of original designs. 

After getting into contact with their store, I was asked to make a review and I chose the following items to review:

♡ Stores Images ♡

Pink Stripes Various Pattern Petal Hem Lolita SkirtLolita Purple Maid Sweet Cosplay Wig

At first, when I was choosing which items to sponsor from their store, I chose to review an Angelic Pretty replica skirt, unfortunately I didn't receive that piece but instead received one of the stores original prints, of course its really cute but it would have been nice to have received what i asked for, or have received an email letting me know that I wouldn't be able to get that print ( for reasons unknown) .
Although there might have been some slight complications with the skirt, the wig was exactly what I asked for and I feel I made the right decision asking for this style wig. I decided to split the review into two separate pieces, so look forward to the wig review!!
Onto the review~

♡ My Photos ♡
( click to enlarge )

My package came safely packed, none of my items were harmed during this process ^^

I got two things; a lolita skirt and wig! Wig review coming soon!

My skirt was neatly folded with no wrinkles in sight! Right away I could tell it wasn't what I ordered but it is adorable!

Tada~! Bunnies and strawberries everywhere! I love the bright yet soft pink color, its very sweet lolita like and perfect for spring / summer cords! 

Although it print features a snow / winter theme. So I made my cord more winter-ish~

It has a very cute and refreshing pattern.

It came with two detachable pieces for the "belt" which you can tie into a cute bow.


Both belts have little puff balls at the ends where the bow would have little pieces of material hanging. They reminded me of Tinkerbells shoes. I noticed that the belt attachments kinda looked like ties, lol. That may come in handy for future outfits ^^

To attach the belt pieces, there are two buttons on each side of the skirt where you just button them on.

Once attached you can now tie and adorable bow! I find that the buttons also add a cute effect the the patterns and design of the skirt.

And the bow begins! 

Here is the link to this dress!

As for the waist line itself, it has a stretchy elastic band on the back side,  which the bow can cover.

Right beside one of the buttons, it also has a little clip to open the skirt when changing into it and to keep it from falling. You can use to secure the skirt once its on.

The clip isn't visible at all when actually wearing the skirt, it is on the inside of the skirt, so no worries from me.

But what about a zipper?

Don't worry, its got one of those too!

The skirts position doesn't affect the pattern on the skirt at all, its well hidden and wont break easily.

What I love the most about the zipper, is that it isn't too noticeable closed or open, in kinda blends into the skirt because its very small and well hidden, the color of the zipper itself also matches the skirt very well.

The inside of the skirt is lined with the softest material ever. Its very silky and kinda adds some fluff to the skirt.

As for the hem of the skirt, it is lined with even more puff-balls! Look at them just dangling there, they add like 10 points to the cuteness effect! I absolutely love them, they are also fun to play with while wearing the skirt, I hope I don't ripe them off.

♡ Bonus Pics! ♡

Some plushies wanted to say hi!

♡ Outfit! ♡

I actually managed to put together my first lolita cord!
I especially love how the boots match really well with the skirt. I made review on the boots here, if you are interested ^^

I really like lolita and I would like to get more into it and eventually go for lolita meets and such, and meet other cuties who love Japanese fashion.

A big thank you to:

Link to the skirt x

Use the code "misumipyon" for a 10% discount!

I hoped you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did putting it together ^^ I have a wig review coming up soon, look forward! Thank you for reading~! 

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