Monday, January 27, 2014

♡ Alpaca Goods + Updates~! ♡

♡ Hi lovelies! I hope you are all doing well and had a lovely week, mine was very cold! The weather right now is terribly cold and we are experiencing some ridiculous conditions, about two days ago outside was below freezing as in -0 degrees. School got cancelled for two days. So i got to cuddle up at home and watch anime and Korean dramas all day! I hope you are all experiencing better weather than i am, i could really use a vacation to Florida right about now lol . 

♡ Today's post is about another giveaway I won, my luck with giveaways recently as been pretty good, i'm so surprised! This time I won a giveaway by mewkirin who is so sweet, you should go follow her is you have a tumblr. I'm so glad to have participated in her give away! I got a new friend and extra adorable items! 

( sorry in advance for the picture quality, the lighting in my room didn't cooperate )

So what did i win? 

I now own a lilac Arpacasso!-that doubles as a purse! How awesome is that?!

I received my package one week before Christmas and i was so excited to open it up and get my alpaca!

She came in this package with cute little Christmas stickers on it, how thoughtful.

Then came out another package~ troll packging lol.


Out came my little arpacasso!

As you can see she has a little handle that's attached to the back of her head and butt. 

Its just as fluffy as she is, so its not too awkward looking. 

As for her pouch it isnt as spacious considering she is still filled with stuffing, so only few things can fit. I was able to fit  my phone, a compact mirror and hair bow. 

I love the little bow she has around her neck, its really adorable!

Mew keirin, also sent me some extra gifts!


I was really excited to some extra things, most of which are also alpacas -they are super adorable! All of these fit into the  alpaca-bag.

All the alpacas together in one package.

First thing i noticed among the extra gifts were these little alpaca key chains. 

The back of the package showed the 'alpaca family' and other collectible characters. I felt like this package wasnt secure, it would be really easy to steal these in the store, they are barely even sealed. Its literary to peaces of plastic placed on top of each other.

They are rubbers and kinda squishy. I'll give one to a friend so we can have matching key chains~ 
Or I could put them on my DS lite and 3ds T_T

Then the second one was this little guy. I wasn't sure what he was at first but i noticed it was a tape holder with a little corner to cut the tap strips. This is also from Swimmer store.

All the Swimmer products together. The on the the left is an eraser that looks like a cherry from the side.

Cute bow

I also receives a cute little usamim hair tie, an eraser from the popular Japanese accessory store Swimmer (kyary has worked with them before) and a hair bow!

That's all i have to share today, thank you so much for reading, I hope you liked this post. I'm so happy with all the new things i got especially my alpaca!

In alpaca voice: Drop by again real soon OK?

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Monday, January 20, 2014

♡ My New Combat Boots~ ♡

Hi cuties~ 
♡ Happy new years and happy Martin Luther King Jr. day!!  I hope you all entered the new year with a positive attitude and smiles on your faces. I still cant believe its 2014 and not 2012, i'm still living in the past it seams, but i will make the best memories this year and live life to the fullest! A big thank you to him and his work, that has made so many people live good lives in today's society.

♡ Anyways, I have yet another review to share with you today, but today they are on shoes! ♡


♡ I got this pair of adorable lace boots at Rue21 during a sale and  I just had to share them with you lovelies. They are currently my favorite pair of boots! 

♡ I really love these boots because they aren't like most combat boots i've seen--they have lace over them and they are white. But one of the best things about them is that they can transform and you can wear them in two different ways. 

♡ They can be worn at their normal height OR they can be folded down  and worn as ankle boots with a pretty design in the inside showing~ 

♡ The stitching on and in the shoes is pretty good. And it isn't too noticeable because it blends into the lace pattern, which is really pretty. 

♡ The little strap on the back makes it easier to put them on, just slip a finger in and pull them up.

♡ They have pretty solid grip and I would wear them in snowy weather and even when its icy. However they don't seem to be suitable to actually step in lots of snow, I wouldn't go out to make a snowman with them on. 
( pay no attention to the stickers ^^" ) 

♡ At the top of the boot, there are two little 'hooks' on each side of the laces that make it easier to tighten them when making them ankle-boots. I will most likely change the shoelaces to light pink or black. ♡

♡ They magically transform from regular sized combat boots to cute ankle boots~! ♡

♡ Transformation complete~! 

♡ On the inside they have an adorable flower pattern in dark and light pinks surrounded with black, 
adding a little color to the boot. ♡

Extra Pics:


More Details:


The fabric is a little rough but that's ok because they're shoes. The lace texture is pretty tough and wont rip easily, it's also very pretty and the shoe isn't too white, its almost cream.


They aren't pure white they look kind of cream but shiny. So if they get a little dirt of them it's ok but I still have to be care full!


♡ They are pretty comfortable an have a squishy cushioning inside, they are super comfy with fuzzy socks. I plan to wear them with paste outfits and dolly-kei themed outfits. 

♡ The second pair of boots I got are for my sister as a Christmas gift. She isn't a big fan of pastels so these are perfect for her. 

♡  They can also undergo a transformation from smaller ankle boots to knee high boots.
This transformation is all possible due to this little clip over here. 

♡ When you un-clip it, the shoe is able to unfold and transform into knee high boots! 

♡ Look at the difference!! 

♡ The zipper is then able to zip up all the way 

♡ And those are my newest combat boots~~! 

Thank you for reading~~!! I hope you enjoyed this post~

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