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♡ Otakon 2014 Part 1! (Picture Heavy!) ♡

Hey lovelies~ 
After almost 2 months now I have finally completed part 1 of my Otakon2014 experience post! (Haul post will e completely separate: part 3!)
Sorry it took so long ^^; I haven't had much time to d some proper blogging, but I'm always updating my tumblr and If you see yourself or any cosplayer you know of, please contact me so I can add sources!

Anyways, here were my thoughts closer to when Otakon actually took place and of course some pictures of the wonderful time I had there!

" I'm finally back home after an exciting week away from home, which i mostly pent at Otakon! Otakon 2014 is/was my first official anime convention. I was super excited to attend and begun to attend months in advance,even before i purchased my ticket to attend. I bagan to think about my cosplays since it would be only be my second time cosplaying and for three days! So tried as best i could, with the time i had, to create at least 2 cosplays to wear. I decided to cosplay Nonon Jakuzure and Mako Mankanshoku from Kill La Kill, which was actually one of my favorite anime the past anime season; winter-spring. 

I made sure not to forget anything important behind like my cosplays  of course as number one on the list, my circle lens, makeup and regular clothing. I also made sure to bring a fair amount of money with me including a credit card- just s case!-. Anime goods make me go nuts lol! In the end I'm glad i brought it. I was originally going to stay at a hotel by myself, but it turns out my family members lived close to Baltimore, where the convention would be held. So I stayed with them instead! Lucky me! "

Anyways to Otakon shenanigans~! ( new fave. word ^^)
Before the actual convention, there ws a summer Japanese festival taking place on Thursday, and the convention was to follow the next day from Friday until Sunday! At the Matsuri Festival, there were booths of all kinds promoting anime, other convention and everything Japanese related. There was also a yukata contest which i thought wold be fun to enter! So i got all dressed-up up in m kimono and signed up for the competition for fun! I met some cuties who also singed up and befriended them fairy quick because they were just as excited and nerdy/otakuish as I was! ^^

Matsuri Festival!

Several people asked us for pictures and were so blown away my our pretty yukatas, which most peopled refereed to as kimonos haha. Most of the people who took out pictures said they would tag out pictures as "kimono girls" lol.

One of the most exciting moments of the day was when I got to meet these cool Sailor Moon cosplayers whom had a booth of their own. I thought they were so cute and cool and asked them for pictures.

There were also some cool dj's who came to perform. We had a special guest appearance from Yama! A famous Japanese sumo wrestler who was to perform in front of us, but i had to lave during her performance in order to get in line for my pre-registration badge to get into teh convention the next day, and not spending hours during the convention outside in the hot sun lining up! Otakon isn't nicknames "Linecon" for nothing!!

After a long day of lining up and posing for pictures in the hot sun in our yukatas, the girls and i decided to go for some sushi! We walked into a Chinese restaurant and on the whole walk there we got stares and complements the whole entire way hah, it was so funny! I also called out to some cosplayers who we run into on the street and they responded by waving or calling back. People around us who had no idea what was going on simply stared trying to comprehend what was going on, that happened all weekend haha. 

We later went to a sushi bar a few blocks away and when we walked in the stares we got were hysterical, everyone just knew we were part of Otakon. The waitress even gave us a special menu. Imagine their faces if they were to see cardcore cosplayers in mecha casualy walkby lol, there were quite a few at the con.

We all had such a huge appetite that we decided to get a whole plate full of sushi and individual bowls of ramen! nomnom~! I really love how this yukata looked on me <3

Day One of Otakon!

I couldn't even contain my excitement the night before! After getting my schedule the day before I stayed up planing my day making sure i attended all the panels i was interested in and made it in time for the Kill La Kill photoshoot, which was taking place between 12 and 2, I went as a version of Nonon i saw on an art blog (mostly because my wig was ridiculously long xD) :

I had already planned to go as Nonon on day one, which made me feel even more confident about my first ever cosplay! ( Even if I only had two days to put it together! )

My badge! I was disapointed that the art wasn't from a real anime, but it was still gorgeous!

While on my way to the front doors I met this cutie cosplaying as Mako Mankanshoku also a character from Kill La Kill! She was so sweet!

At the convention hall I met so many great people, I thought I would feel lonely considering I went along, however I made so many new friends and it had a ton of fun! I also took great photos of some cosplayer I run into. And yes I asked for every single picture I took. And I was glad people asked me for photos too, instead of doing it without my consent.... 


Bee and Puppycat! There were Space Dandy cosplayers at every turn it was really funny and they were all in complete character--constantly xD

 I spotted @manaknight (one of my fave cosplay instagramers) when I went upstairs, and I got some photos with him! Several people stopped us in our tracks for photos, it was so much fun posing and getting into Nonons character! "Nani sore!" ^^

I also got tons of selfies with awesome people!

After I saw this from the huge windows, I completely understood why Otakon is nicknamed Linecon....those poor people in their cosplay in that intense heat... I was so glad I got my badge the day before!

No face was so cute! He was offering gold wrapped chocolates! How creative!!
I run into a Clear (dmmd) cosplayer, she was so sweet and we chatted about the new series for a while before taking pictures, she also let me hold her jellyfish~

This lovely Sailor Moon cosplayer (her facebook) was also really sweet and nice, when I spotted her I brightened up so much, actually giggled and posed for some pictures. She had one of the best Sailor Moon cosplays I have ever seen <3

While on my way to the bathroom I spotted Red from Orenage is The New Black! Haha!
Zelda cosplayers~! The details were amazing!!

Nonon~ I took some selfies with her, and hang out with her for a while, she was so nice!
I also met the most fabulous Nui Harime ever, everyone else go home ^^.

More KLK cosplayers! Yassss

Fem/ genderbend Free! cosplayers!

I spotted a Dramatical Murder cosplay group!

Kill La Kill photoshoot!

Selfie at the KLK photoshoot! I was one of the few Nonons! I also took my hat off becuase it kept falling -__-

Despite being in this fun photoshoot myself, I also took tons of photos as well. I'm so glad my phone had such a quality camera, I got it only about a week before!
It was a great experience being in this photoshoot I had so much fun! It was indescribable~

I spent the rest of the day hopping from panel to panel, capturing more photos of cosplayers and wondering the Dealers room were I was asked to pose for photos a bunch of times!

KLK cosplayers! My people~!

In the dealers room!

I spent the rest of my evening in the dealers room, beforeit closed, and bought my first anime figure! ( I'll display her in my Otakon Haul post! ) While there I spotted Kill La Kill cutouts at the Aniplex booth, how could I resist photos! My drummer hat went through a lot that day.... On day 3 I met up with more KLK cosayers for photoshoots here!

More coslayers!

I was oooo happy to meet some Haikyu cosplayers! I was very into the anime at the time. Apparently these three are a cosplay group and I've seen thier photos online before. Also I spotted Khalessi!

Despite being from 8am - 2am the next day, it didn't feel long enough haha ^^"
 would love to relive these moments honestly! I'm so glad i got a new phone right before to capture all these precious moments! Thank you for reading this post! 
Part 2 is up next and then my haul post! Look forward~~

Thank you for reading~!

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