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♥ (Sponsored ) Lilac 2 colored Wig Review / ♥

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For those of you who follow me on instagram, you may know that I began playing Aura Kingdom, which I'm in love with btw. And it would be great if those of you who already play it, joined me on my adventures!! My user name is Misumipyon ( what else right? ) I'm also a lot more active on my twitter@misumipyon. Btw my birthday was a few 2 wees ago!! Yay~!

Anyways, here is part two of my review of the store! Read part oneLolitadressesshop sells all kinds of lolita goods, from wigs, dresses, tights to shoes. Literary head to toe items in a wide variation of styles and colors. Although none of their products are actual burando (branded lolita like Angelic Pretty , BtssB etc) they sell some replicas and tons of original designs. Today I will be reviewing this wig:
( I made the review for the skirt here )

♡ Stores Images ♡
Lolita Purple Maid Sweet Cosplay WigLolita Purple Maid Sweet Cosplay Wig

♡ My Photos ♡
( click to enlarge )

The color is very bright and is slightly a lighter shade in real life, my light also made it a little bit brighter here. The color is very vivid, but its not too glossy looking.

My package came safely packed, none of my items were harmed during this process ^^
I got two things; a lolita skirt and wig!  

The wig was exactly what I asked for and I feel I made the right decision asking for this style wig. The lolita skirt review is here!

The wig came with a free wig cap. Its so difficult to put wigs on without them, hair goes everywhere! So this was nice of them.

♡ My Shots!

I really like this colour on me, I'm glad it turned out to suit my skin tone.

I love how this gorgeous ring by @AtomicLace looks with this theme~

Huge lollipop I haven't eaten yet, I'm pretty sure its licorice though....yuk!

Here is a shot of what the back looks like with the two colors over lapping over each other. 

At first I though lilac and strawberry blond were two odd colours to mix together but after styling the wig and putting together some outfits, it was pleasantly a cute mix!

I found that I prefer a creepy-cute / pastel goth look better with this wig.

 Glady, i had previously bought some creepy cute accessories ( of which I will make a separate post about ) at hand. As well as a few outfits. I took this photos a few days before Halloween, so I was in a really spoopy mood aha! 2 spoopy 4 u!

♡ My Rating: 

I love how it blends from a bluish in the front to a lilac and then gold~~~ The stock photo is a little misleading because it seems as if there is  more purple than brown, but its quite the opposite. The top crown of the wig is where all the purple comes from, then from the middle down is all goldsih brown hair. The purple flows over the brown nicely howeve.

The color is great and works well with both creepy-cute styles and bright kawaii styles. The purple is actually two shades! Its slightly bluer on the bangs and blends into a lilac on the sides and back, then the golden brown provides a nice contrast. However a single color, the brown would look odd on its own.

The stock image is slightly misleading because it seems as if there is a lot more purple in the hair than there actually is. But what I really love about this wig is how soft the hair is, it isnt hard to comb or even run my fingers through it. It alwas feels so soft even after I haven't combed it out in a while. Its definitely the softest of all the wigs I now own. However it seems to have less hair OR just isn't as fluffy as my other wigs, and is there fore a little clingy to my head.

♡ Extra Shots! ♡

I edited the pic above for my instagram! It was my birthday on Halloween btw, I'll have a whole post about Halloween up soon!

I really like taking selfies, I always end up taking too many oops! ^^'


Meet my alpaca Miffy!

Alpaca voice: "what is this lilac octopus like creature??"


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