Friday, November 15, 2013

♡ My Figurine Wish List ♡

Hey all, how are you all doing? I hope you're all well!

♡ So until maybe two and a half years ago, I never really understood the pleasure and fun in owning and buying otaku goods like figures and posters. Show like Welcome to the NHK, which is amazing, made me think collection anime merchandise was weird because that was the whole plot of the story; people vs. society! However, ss I got more attaches to anime shows and characters this past, year, I found myself wanting to own these possessions I saw other bloggers showing off and I thought wow would it be great to own a collection as big as Kirinos' (from Oreimo). ♡

♡ This is actually the first show that got me thinking about owning my own goods and taking a serious liking to shows, before this show I thought collections and otakus where weird. A year and a half later I want to own my own collection, ahah. A few characters from Oreimo are actually on my wish list 

Anyways, onto the list!

 ♡ Anohana  ♡

Menma in Bikini · Menma

 ♡ K-ON!!  ♡

 ♡ Oreimo  ♡

Kirino in seifuku · Kuroneko · Kuroneko black dress

 ♡ Puella Magi Madoka Magica ♡

1 · 2

♡ What can I say, I'm fascinated by Madoka merchandise. 

 ♡ Vocaloid  ♡

♡ Shingeki No Kyoujin 


  After watching SNK how can i not want a figurine of Misaka? She was so awesome and so is her figurine, just look at the detail on her 3d maneuver gear, it's so perfect.  

♡ Yeah, notice that there aren't any male characters in this list.....

If i ever manage to own every figurine on this list id be so happy but my wallet wouldn't lol  ♡

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

♡ Introduction to CDJapan + giveaway preparation! ♡

Hi everyone, I hope all is well. 

♡ Today's post is a little different from my usual posts but I have some exciting news to share, I'm sure you're already aware from the title but - I've been chosen to be an affiliate with CDJapan!! ♡


  ♡  CDJapan is a store located in Japan that sells everything in today's' pop culture Japan, Jpop cds, jfashion magazines, manga, figurines and so much more! ♡

♡ They sell Cds from various artists such as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, An Cafe, Perfume, ONE OK ROCK and several other big names in Japan. ♡

 ♡ JPOP ♡ 

(These are screen shots I took myself to show you their prices, which are always low and cheap.)

♡ Magazines ♡ 

♡ They also have a very wide selection of fashion magazines like Vivi, Ranzuki, Popteen you name it! They have them all, and to make it even better they are ridiculously cheap  Their prices range from $5-7. Other online stores I have come across sell them for about 18.... sounds like a good deal to me.. ♡

♡ Fashion ♡ 

♡ They also have an apparel section from different popular brands. Most of which are Lolita, Visual kei, Fairy Kei! They sell merchandise from popular stores in Tokyo such as: 

Lumiebre ar CONOMi
Broken Dolldespair
clothes image
The Top Seifuku Brand in Japan

♡ Anime Goods ♡ 

♡ And for you otakus' and anime lovers out there, your in luck too! There's a huge anime section with all sorts of mangas, figures to collect, OSTs and magazines!! ♡

MODE Creamy Mami Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel 30th Anniversary
Anime "Free!" official Guide Book

♡ Figurines ♡ 

♡ Their selection of figurines is very impressive. I couldn't stop browsing through... ♡

♡ Cosplay ♡

♡ Their cosplay selection features tons of cute and frilly dresses. It's a little smaller than other selections in the store but it has cute girly dresses. ♡

♡ There is so much more stuff CDJapan has to offer, this post hardly does its store any justice. I hope you will check out their store. Also, it would mean a lot if you could click any of the links in this post or on my blog, doing so will get me closer to being the host of a giveaway from CDJapan.

♡ If any of the links on this blog get enough clicks, I get to host a giveaway from this store and you guys get to pick what items you would like me to include in the giveaway. Simply click a link that takes you to and leave a comment saying you clicked, then in the comment include the type of items you would like to see in the giveaway, simple!  

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

♡ (Sponsored) Iris Color Violet Lace Circle Lens Review/ ♡

KPOP2 Circle Lenses Banner

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween this year, I had a great time with some of my really good friends. Ate tons of candy and watched scary movies, I love scary movies but i don't like watching the alone lol.

Anyways, today's review was sponsored by KPOP2 they sell several types of circle lenses, both natural looking colors as well as bright  cosplay / costume versions from different brands in Korea!

I have been wanting Violet lenses for a while so i settled for these:

 Iris Color Violet 
iris violet circle lenses

It also comes in hazel, grey, blue, chocolate brown and black!

iris violet circle lenses

♡ I was quite shocked by the package they sent me. I usually get boring and plain yellow envelops when i get a package but my usually expectation was throw out when i got this hot pink envelope in the mail. It really boosted my expectations for my lenses ^^. 

♡ The brand 'Iris Color' is a Korean based circle lens manufactures.From what I've read on them, they are well trusted and one of the most popular brands in Korea.  ♡

♡ They come in several prescriptions, from 0.00 ~ 6.0, but i got mine with none as usual. ♡

 Lens info:

Diameter : 14.5mm

 Water Content : 38%

 Life Span : 6-8 months 

Range : 0.0 - 6.0

♡ The detail on the lenses is very visible from close up and slightly less from far ♡

♡ I also received this cute case to put my lens in ♡

♡ I love the color and the design on this lenses! It's so detailed and pretty, plus it's very noticeable even from slightly far away. They are also a little to big to look natural but the color doesn't stand out too much.   ♡

♡ Btw i'll be making a post about these falsies among other Japanese and Chinese lashes I own. Look forward~! 



The design on these lens is very pretty and detailed. The lace look is very vivid and pretty, especially for a gothic lolita / 'dark' look.


The enlargement is quite shocking actually, and my eyes appear much larger than i thought. They are definitely too big for a natural looks, so i would recommend them for a cosplay etc look.


The color is very pretty and I love it. Most violet lens I've seen look almost grey / pink because they are usual lighter shades, but these lens are much darker allowing the violet to clearly show.

Comfort: 5/5 

♡ Despite their size, i found them much more comfortable than other lenses i own. I noticed that they were slightly thinner than other lens i have, which might be what makes them less noticeable.  Either way, I barely felt them when i put them in. They also don't get dry fast at all. I wore them for 4 hours straight without feeling them dry up, I even forgot i had them in until i looked in the mirror lolz. ♡


♡ I give their shipping a 5/5 because they arrived super quick! Within two weeks they were in my mail box, securely packed. Communication with the store was also good, but very short or small and to the point. They kept it strictly business like, which was fine but it would be nice to chat a little bit. ♡

Visit their store for more lenses and lens care products~!

KPOP2 Cheap Colored Contacts Banner

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