Wednesday, March 25, 2015

♡ Local Anime Convention + Cosplay Updates! ♡

Hey lovelies!
So Zenkaikon2015 is almost here and I'm so ready to attend yet another convention and cosplay again! Which is why I'm reminiscing a local convention i attended with my best friend a few months back but never shared pictures of on my blogspot. I uploaded some on my tumblr and instagram! I'll be attending Zenkaikon with them as well, yay~!

I attended 2 days (Saturday and Sunday) of Yushicon, which is three days long!
I went as Nonon Jakuzure (who else? lol) and my friends went as Lara Croft(bff) and Korra! 
This was also the last time I would cosplay as blue Nonon ;A; 
It's been tons of fun being 3-star uniform Nonon, from Otakon2014 to now, but I'm ready for new cosplays and exploring other characters ♡.

My Nonon Cosplay!

Heres me as Nonon~! Selfies are always a must!

Nani Sore?! (Aha)
My bff and I switched weapons for some 'silly' photos and I really felt like doing this stance! The photo came out a lot better than I expected~!

Time to D-d-d-duel!
We were talking about Korra while walking around and she begun to tell me spoilers! (  hadnt watched chapter 4 of Korra at the time) So i challenged her to a duel because she wanted to ruin everything haha! Messing with photoshop can be fun!

One of the most exiting moments of the day was the cosplay contest--which i won first place in! There were about 9-10 other contestants who made the final round and I was soo nervous but confident simultaneously lol. I was up against a marvel villain (forgot his name) and other really great cosplays-but I won! 

These were my gifts:

My gifts for wining the cosplay contest included; a Bleach wall scroll, one free ticket to the con next year and becoming a panel host! 

I was in such disbelief I couldn't stop smiling!! I also received a chance to host my own panel for the next time the con comes around! The creators of the con contacted we through my info I submitted for the cosplay-contest, and asked if I could become a panel host becuase they really liked my personality! Sounds crazy right? But how could I refuse, so of course I said yes! And I'll be hosting two panels at the next con, maybe even the after? Who knows?! ^^

The con is still  pretty new and small, but I'm honored to have a chance to play a major role in improving it! 
I'm really looking forward to it! I hope I can attend the next con!

♡ Zenkaikon 2015 Preparations!

If you would like to see my cosplay concepts for Zenkaikon, read this post!
I'll be creating a "final decision" post tomorrow for my cosplays!

I decided to go with a Kuroneko and Punk Chibiusa cosplay (it varies from the photo below!). I was considering going as Mako on Sunday but I'm having a sailor moon fever atm haha!

Saturday!                                              Sunday!

I'll be attending Zenkaikon on Saturday and Sunday, I wont be able to go on Friday because I have school (which i don't want to miss). 
But I intend to go all out the remaining two days with the same two friends and Ill be sleeping over at one of their houses over the weekend! My packages all arrived over the weekend and I can't wait!

Thank you for reading! I hope to see some of you at Zenkaikon. And I hope you are looking forward to my before and after posts aha!

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Monday, March 16, 2015

♡ Zenakicon2015 + Spring Cons Cosplay Concepts! ♡

Hello everyone!

How is your 2015 so far? I hope you all started the year with smiles and positivity!
Speaking of smiles, I'm oh so happy to announce that I am officially attending Zenkaicon 2015! Yay~~ It is exactly 11 days away as of today, I have a count down app on my phone.
I will be attending the con with my anime club from school --which I am proud to say I am president of  'w'  
I brought this up to my club in December/Nov to which everyone responded positively, the other senpais and I have been planning it, even working out transportation and cosplay work shops to get everyone to go and work on making/buying group cosplays together! As expected, we all favor different genres and everyone decided to cosplay individually. I eventually put together / ordered dream cosplays of characters I personal like. 
Here are the cosplays I have been working on and ordered! As for my actual cosplys for Zenkaicon, I'll reveal next week!

♡ Lolita Kuroneko ♡
Anime: Oreimo season 2

This is one of my most anticipated cosplays ever! Kuroneko is my number one waifu and I love this outfit on her! She just looks so cute in lolita. Ad seeing as I love frills, pink and lolita--this is actually perfect for me! 

One of the best and my favorite cosplays I've seen of Kuroneko is by Miyuko who is one of the most popular Kuroneko cospayers in all of Eastern Asia! She pulls of this outfit so well, even if she did make her skirt shorter and fluffier, it honestly look much better. I will actually be adjusting my cosplay once it gets here!

♡ Ririchiyo Shirakiin ♡
(Anime: Inu x Boku SS )

I love cute kimono inspired outfits, Japanese histrial themes and tough girls who can fight. And Ririchiyo is the combination of all the above.

♡ Stocking Anarchy
(Anime: Panty and Stocking w/ Garterbelt)

I can relate so well with Stocking because (1) she loves sweets- especially cake , (2) she adores cute things, (3) she loves gore + horror and (4) she's a gothic lolita/enthusiast! 
When I first watched PSG several years ago, I was just exposed and begun growing more interest to Jfashion, at the time I really liked visual-kei and gothi lolita, so i'm sure you can see where this is going..aha!

Mako Fight Club
(Anime: Kill La Kill)

I grew to love Makos characters when Kill La Kill first premiered. Her character is just so unique and precious, not to mention hilarious. She's very encouraging as well! It was great to see her evolve into such an independent character by the end of the show~.

♡ Super Sonico ♡


Super sonio is one of my newest waifus and she is truly adorable! There;s something about her representation and character that really stands out from other moe characters. And I love it!

Anyways, that's all I have to share for now as I await for my orders to arrive, touch up existing oslays and continue to anticipate Zenkaicon2015 which is 2 weeks away!!
 I'm hopping to attend as at least one character! I've never attended a con out of cosplay before and I don't want to begin now haha! I hope to attend more cons and get the chance to attend as all my dream cosplays~

Thank you for reading! Let me know if you're atending Zenkaicon! We can meet up and all! Follow me on my other social media for more updates etc!

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

♡ Anime Figure Unboxing: Shironeko with a smile! ♡

Hi  everyone!
I haven't posted in a while and I'm so sorry! (I've been so busy with school and what not! But I'm more active on my tumblrtwitter and instagram though!).

Anyways I bought a Kuroneko figurine a while ago, and decided to finally unbox her and record the event! As you may already know, Kuroneko (from Oreimo)  is one of my favorite anime characters and waifus! I took some photos and even recorded a video, which is still in the midst of being edited! it will be up on my youtube by this coming weekend! I made a myfigurecollection account too, you can follow me on there as I continue to update it with my growing figure collection adventures.

Onto the unboxing! Here she is; 

Shironeko With A Smile!

(Click images to enlarge)

Figure Facts:
Character: Gouko Ruri aka Kuroneko
Anime: Oreimo & Oreimo season 2
Maker: Sega prizes
Size: 14.4 x 13.3 x 26.5 cm

I spotted this figure at Otakon 2014 last summer, and didn't even hesitate to buy her among other figures! I had already been wanting to begin a figure collection of my favorite characters previously, and I saw this as an opportunity I couldn't pass!
The box was pretty simple but I love pink so it isn't to bland!


Here she is pre-opened from her box!

( These two pictures were taken in natural / sunlit room, where as the rest were taken in unnatural lighting. )

She is a game prize figure from Sega, and is a model of Kuroneko from season 2 when she was first shown out of cosplay and in 'innocent normal clothing. I really like Kuronekos personality and it was nice to see a transition in her characters appearance. 


I really love the colors on her dress! And her hat is an adorable touch to the entire outfit as well as to the colour scheme!
Her skin tone is a little yellowed for this figure in contrast to her other figures where she is very pale. Perhaps the painters where attempting to make it look like she was truly in the middle of summer? If so- it works!

Close Ups:

I really adore this figure and how simply beautiful she is. She is actually one of the tallest and heaviest figures I own, yet looks the kindest of them all- it's just a little ironic! Her facial expressions is very sweet but her smile is slightly derpy. However I can overlook that because her stance is so unique and is very innocent and carefree. Her case is very basic but it doesn't look horrible, nor does it stand out 
taking away attention from the figure itself.

My rating on her appearance:
Face: 4/5
Colour pallet: 5/5
Stance: 5/5
Base: 4/5

Anyways, I hope my figure collection will continue to grow steadily as I grow to like more anime/game characters, or even admire current faves even more. Of course I have some figures on my wish list and I have already placed some orders aha! Can't wait to unbox more figures~ At the moment I own 10 figures! Most of whom are already on my display shelf. Of course I'll make separate posts about them as well
I do hope to have my unboxing video up by this Thursday on my youtube, look forward!

Thank you so much for reading!
 I hope you enjoyed this post and are looking forward to more! New posts every 2-4 days!

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