Thursday, March 20, 2014

♡ Cosplay Ideas, Updates + Penpals! ♡

Hi lovelies~! Lately i've been thinking about a few cosplay ideas for some summer & spring conventions ill be going to. Most are from newer anime which i have really enjoyed watching and i would love to cosplay.

First up:

♡ Mirai Kuriyama
from Kyokai No Kanata 

Mirai is so cute in her seifuku and pinkish-orange hair, but what i love most about her is her cute and shy personality but ironically when she holds a sword she is just so perceptive and tough, its great!

Her outfit comprises of the following (with links to stores). I would make and paint her blood sword myself instead of buy one ^^

♡ Matoi Ryuko 
from Kill La Kill 

I instantly fell in love with the plot, art style and humor in Kill la Kill.

♡ Dead-Master 
from Black Rock Shooter 

File:Dead scythe and dead master.png

As much as i love Deadmasters' character design especially her fighting style, i find her outfit sort of plainly beautiful but even so i would to spice it up a little bit and add a little gothic lolita style to it.

Plain Black Cotton Multilayer with Big BowknotFeifei Sleeves Gothic Lolita Dress

I much prefer this type of style on me as her cosplay, with long gloves with 'claws' at the end, some black bat wings, devil horns, scythe, )black wig (or even my hair) and done! Gothic lolita Dead-Master! ^^

♡ Celestia Ludenberd 
from Dangan Ronpa 

Penspals & my P.O Box!

Omg i cant believe i have so many followers on my tumble it makes me so happy!! thank you to all you lovelies for following me and for putting up with my shenanigans for all these months / minutes lol (hello new followers) , you are all so wonderful!! image

I’ve been thinking for a while now and i would really love to get to know my  followers a little better and become closer with you all (or rather anyone who would like to) and hopefully get some penpals! image

*I will be getting a P.O Box soon to chat with my penpals who i've added from tumblr and anyone who would like to send me anything. That would be great! ^^

Thank you for reading~!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

♡ Cute Shop ~ Lolita Dresses ♡

Hello Lovelies~!
♡ I discovered an amazingly cute lolita store recently called Lolitadressesonline.comThey sell replica prints and designs from popular companies such as Angelic Pretty, Closet Child, BtssB , and several others. Most of their dresses cost from 100 - 55 dollars, which isn't bad at all considering most popular brands (burando) sell  theirs for $100-$200. Their designs are for all types of lolita styles, they have neatly organised their store in sections for gothic lolis, sweet, classical, casual name it!  I recommend their store for a more gothic / dark / kuro lolita style. I did some research on them and they are pretty trust worthy from what I've read. ♡

♡ LolitaDressShop says : "We're here to help lolitas around the world buy affordable clothes, shoes and accessories, without having to try and negotiate confusing Chinese websites or unfamiliar payment methods! Our friendly, English-speaking staff are here to help with any problems or inquiries you might have." 

EDIT: I am now officially a blogger for their store, and if you use the code Misumipyon , you will get a discount and some free jewelry! ^^

♡ Their store is also well organised and is easy to browse. Lets take a look

♡ Dresses 

Lolita Pink Bowknot and Pleated Hem White Polka Dot Red Sweet DressLolita Pink Lace Flounced Hem Bowties Sweet DressLolita Crossover Bowtie Neck Pink Plaid White Hem Lattice Sweet Dress
Lolita Black White Big Bowknot Doll Collar Short Sleeve Cute Lace Sweet DressLolita Pure Black Bowtie and Button Flouncing Pleated Hem Sweet DressLolita White Simple Bowtie Lace Ribbon Corset Sweet Dress

♡ Shoes 

Cute PU Black High Heel Bowknots Lolita ShoesWhite Strappy Bowknots Heart-Shaped PU Gothic Lolita BootsElegant Cute PU Black High Heel Bowknot Buckle Straps Lolita ShoesWhite Bandage Metal Rivets PU Sweet Lolita Shoes

♡ Skirts 

Light Blue Lace Trim Lolita SkirtPink Wave Point Lolita SkirtPink Cotton Bowknot Splicing Lolita Skirt
Red Cotton Above Knee Lace Trim Lolita SkirtPink Cotton Above Knee Flouning Lolita SkirtPlain White Multilaye Cake Lolita Skirt

♡ Blouses ♡

Black Cotton Doll Collar Long Sleeve Ruffles Lolita BlouseBlack Cotton Doll Collar Lace Trim Bow Lolita Blouse Black Cotton Lapel Short Sleeve Lolita Blouse

♡ Wigs 

Wine Red Lolita Short Slightly Curled Maid Cute Cosplay WigBrown and Black Medium Curly Lolita  Maid Cute Cosplay WigGolden Mixed Long Curly Lolita  Maid Cute Cosplay Wig
Brown and Purple Mixed Long Curly Lolita Maid Cute Cosplay WigGrey Short Lolita Maid Cute Cosplay WigRed Wine Medium Curly Lolita Maid Cute Cosplay Wig

 use the code misumipyon , you will get a $10 discount and free jewelry!

Check out this store: - Cheap Lolita Dresses Online

Thank you for reading~!

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

♡ Meido outfit review ♡

♡ Hi everyone, i hope all is well~ 
I still can't believe it's 2014 already, best of luck to make it through another year! ♡

 As some of you already know, if you follow my instagram,I've had a maid outfit for a while now and guess what -I finally made a review on it!! I ordered it from Ebay about a couple month ago (back in October) to make sure i got it in time for Halloween, which i did! I was a vampire Alice in Wonderland!! 

It looks like this:

♡ I bought it from Sexyshop09 on Ebay. They sell all kinds of costumes for women, basically they are a nsfw kinda store ^///^. 

♡ Even though this is my first purchase from them, they seem to be trustworthy. I can see myself buying from them in the future. 

♡ I thought the store i ought it from would stuff it into a bad but they surprisingly folded 
the dress really well. 

♡ The outfit has three pieces to it; the head band, apron and the dress itself. 

♡ Without the apron it looks kinda plain, but this way i can use it any other outfit / cosplay
 ideas i might com up with. Accessories really make a difference. ^^ 

♡ The blue color is so bright and pretty I absolutely love it! 

♡ This picture is from my instagram , go check out other outfits and pictures on there! ^^ 

♡ The apron is really bright white and smooth to the touch 

♡ Here's a little close up of it. I love the lace on it! And it has a little satin ribbon that allows 
you to tie a bow either below the lace or support the lace fabric up against you chest. 

♡ I wish my petticoat was fuller to add some fluffiness to the skirt, its looks a little flat. 
But i still love it!

My Rating:

Material & Durability : 3/5

♡ The picture on the shops' page is misleading for several reasons. The apron she has on looks like it would be fluffy with big ruffles on the bottom hem, however they turned out to be smaller, making the dress' volume appear  life-less. The material also feels very cheap and would rip easily if not handled with care.  

Stitching & Design : 4/5

♡ The bow on the apron is also much smaller in real life than in the picture. The material left to tie the bow in thin and doesn't form a bow quite as full as the one on the model.  

Shipping : 5/5

♡ This package was estimated to arrive  between Oct. 20 and Nov. 4, but it made its' was to my mail box only a week later.

Overall : 4/5

I have to rate this product a little low because the dress in a little cheap, it holds well together and looks very cute, but its very thin. I also have to wear a tutu or petticoat to get the skirt to be fluffy

Thank you for reading~!

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