Wednesday, August 28, 2013

♡ Otakon 2013 (Picture Heavy) ♡

Hiii everyone! I have been wanting to finally post about this, but procrastination got me me. Buuuut a few weeks ago was a super exciting time for me because as you can guess from the title, I went to Otakon 2013! My first anime convention ever!

I went with my best friend Sammie and her sister. I had an amazing time and I got tons of pictures of wonderful cosplayers who were kind enough to let us take pictures!

(If you see yourself or a cosplayer you know, please let me know so I can give them credit!)


A wild black Makona appeared, it must ve been terribley hot in there..

 asdfghjk bless!!!
I loved that Sahsa had a potatoe!!

Ezra Fairy Tale

Black Butler cosplayers! That chain saw was legit!

So beautiful~ I was so happy to  see some SAO cosplayers

Beauty and the Beast! 

Loved them, they were so adorable!

Voice of Ed dubbed in FMA

It was so much fun and I hope to go next year, hopefully I can go to even more animecons outside the state.

I will post a separate haul post with a ll the goodies I got!

Thanks for reading!


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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

♡ Cute Back to School Supplies~ ♡

Hi lovelies~! How is your summer holiday going? Hopefully well.

The new school year is almost here! Which is why I decided to share some cute school supplies I've been seeing online with you! Especially because I know school is just around the corner for most, so its better to prepare earlier! I actually start school in two weeks! This post will be the usual school supplies, like bags, notebooks, stationary but in a super cute style!

Title #0Title #0
 Angel wings backpacks from  Lost Mannequin  

♡ I've always found backpacks very efficient when carrying heavy loads, especially for the first day of  school when your bringing all your utensils in. The double straps make it very handy and, for me, the best way to go when choosing an 'everyday bag'. 

Anime Crybaby TOTE

 Anime Crybaby Tote from Beautilation - I've always been fond of this bag since I saw it maybe four months ago on tumblr and I think its really cute and unique.  The eyes on it are so gorgeous and the style makes it easy to go when you have a lighter load on you! 

♡ Panda Duffle Bag I would use a bag like this for P.E or gym class. Its not to big and bulky but its the right size to fit your clothes and shoes, you might be able to fit a few books in there too! 

♡ Panda Bag Set from ebay 

♡ Pencil Cases / Pouches ♡

♡ Pencil cases have to be one of my favorite school accessories because they are so cute! 

♡ Tofucute has a large number of cute pencil cases, most of which are unfortunately out of stock, but I'm sure they will be back up for sale soon.  

♡ Anything Studio Ghbili is an automatic 'want' for me. 

♡ Fortunately, eBay has tons of cases for much cheaper than individual stores, and they have a much broader selection. 
Pencil Case Contents-Stationery♡
(pens, pencils, rubbers/erasers, sharpeners)

♡ Normally I would buy a white eraser like Steadler Erasers to keep my papers clean and get rid of those mistakes.  

♡ But they are so plain and boring, so you can liven up your pencil case with colorful Iwako Erasers! 

♡ Iwako Erasers are a popular Japanese brand of erasers, that come in all shapes and colours, from deserts, to fast food to cute animals and so much more! They are available on ebay. They are so cute I sometimes can't bring myself to use them....
Deserts | Sushi set  

♡ Why get boring yellow pencil when you can have adorable San-x and Sanrio automatic pencils and pens? 

Make you notes more organised and helpful while studying with highlighters~

Notebooks, Folders, Binders

♡ Liven up your notes with cute notebooks, hopefully it can make studying fun. 

♡ I find plastic folders to be more sturdy than paper ones. I always found my paper folder bent and even worse, ripped when it was barely even the end of the school year. Without  a doubt, plastic is the best way to go if you want to avoid constantly buying new folder. 
(Ko)Rilakkuma  | My Melody | K-ON 1, 2


San-X Stickers
♡ Liven up other notebooks you have than seem a little too plain. 

♡ Hello Kitty set 
Sticky notes are very efficient when it comes to keeping track of due dates. You can stick them on your locker or in some of your books to help you study or to remind yourself something. 

♡ Make sure to keep your lips soft and moisturized with cute and colorful lip balms/glosses.
Tonymoly bunny  |   EOS ball lip balms 

♡ Cute Alpaca mirror from tofucute 

  Tinted lip glosses and balms from (use the code 25136506 for a discount

♡ Smiley Cat Compact mirror from (use the code 25136506 for a discount)


♡ Sparkly Ice Cream Nailpolish from (use the code
25136506 for a discount) 


♡ Bento boxes always look so fun to put together, you can carry something both nutritious and fun to make in the most adorable bento boxes.
Pink & white |  Ichigo; Red Pink  |  Hello Kitty head  |  Hamburger Rilakkuma  |   

 HelloKitty Bottle from ebay 

♡ Helpful Kawaii Stores (use the code 25136506 for a discount) 


I hope this was helpful to all of you and you are well prepared for the new school year! If you have any questions or requests for future posts, please let me know! Don't hesitate to leave a comment or contact me on my tumblr

Have a great school year everyone, maybe your senpai will even notice you! Haha image


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