Thursday, May 14, 2015

♡ Monthly Favorites: May! ♡

Hello lovelies!

I'm still in disbelief that we are already in the month of May! It feels like March just begun not too long ago... 

Anyways I have a few favorites from last month, and have remained so until now, which I would love to share with you all! My monthly favorites range from tv shows to body products and they can change every month or remain the same for several months at a time. So here are my March favorites, just in time before April really takes off. 

Spoiler warning, this post contains some spoilers to a few anime and kdramas.
♡ Cosmetics 

I recently bought these bright and long lasting slip-stain crayons which have quickly become my favorite. I might do a review on them soon!

♡ Kdrama 

Kill Me, Heal Me

♡ Manga 

The Ancient Magus Bride literary stole my heart and complete interest by the first few pages of the first chapter. It's so unique and takes such an unfamiliar turn of events --for a shoujo manga lover such as myself anyways -- i couldn't help but be drawn buy it's enchanting story. Its fairly new and is only a little more than a year old since its first release and the first printing of volume one come out just a week ago!! I may just pre-order the English version if I find a seller online. It's a really good read and I would highly recommend it to anyone.


♡ Anime 

Death Parade

7 deadly sins/ Nantasu no Taizai

I begun watching 7 deadly sins on a whim. I wasn't particularly sure what t was about nor is it a genre I would typically approach (the few action,adventure/shounen anime I watch are like Naruto and Fairy Tale to name a few). So I decided to be a little spontaneous and give it a try, especially because I ad already caught up with two other anime I was watching at the time; Kamisama Kiss (which is next on the list) and Death Parade. I came to like this anime because of its unique and spontaneous story, and theme. I would recommend this to anyone as well.
*Spoiler warning* Ban, Hawk and Diane are my fave characters!

 Kamisama Kiss season 2

Thank your reading this very late post! I still wanted to hare my little pleasures which I had already prewritten about even if I was a little late to post them.
As always, I highly recommend the anime and mange listed above if you are into anime and even if you aren't! They have really great stories and you may just find you like them as well.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

♡ Free Comic Book Day + Weekend Adventures ♡

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Hi lovelies~! Happy Spring time, the flowers are finally in full bloom here and it's just so beautiful outside! 

This post is a little bit of a life update as well as a haul post from the things I got on free comic book day. If you don't know what free comic book day is, it's an annual events that takes place on the first Saturday in May! And several comic book stores participate in it! I was lucky enough to be on a trip with my best friends up the East coast, and stopped in Boston where there were plenty of huge comic stores and attractions by Universal Studios and DC comics. I''m personally more of a Marvel fan though. 

Speaking of Marvel, before going on this trip, I made it for the midnight premier of Avengers: Age of Ultron the night before our road trip! One can argue that , that's not the best idea but I love Marvel and the fact that my favorite character, Scarlet Witch, was going to be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I had to see it! 

I can proudly say I saw this movie last month! The movie was spectacular by the way, of course it wasn't accurate to the comics, but it was above my expectations and I would gladly see it again, I actually already have plans to see it this coming weekend~!(just nerd things ^~^).

 ♡ Haul!  ♡

I purchased and received some comics for free from local comics book stores. Here are the items I purchased.

I love my girsl of DC comics tote and new comics!

I purchased this adorable tote from the Justice League store at 6flags for only $10!

Where as I bought my comics at a local store in Boston city.
Avengers, Jem and the holograms, Avengers: Scarlet Witch and Vision. 

After watching Age of Ultron, I shipped Scarlet Witch even more with the vision so this conventionally placed 8 volume comic was definitely coming back home with me.

I spotted this Jem and the Holograms comic by sheer coincidence while i was scanning the Avengers shelves. I was introduced to the Jem comics through tumblr and wanted to own some items of my own, so of course I purchased it as well.

I love the art on the comic!

This is one of the free comics I received!

Marvel X Attack on Titan!

♡ Boston City! 

I had the pleasure of getting to travel with my class before the year ends and we graduate! It was great getting to spend quality time with my friends and everyone I've gotten to know throughout the year(s), even those whom I don't regularly speak to often. Here are some of my favorite photos from the entire trip (didn't want to spam with too may).

Edgar Allen Poe statue! One thing about me is that I lovelovelove horror, whether it be books a=or movies, especially books because seeing something spooky is entirely different from being able to allow someone to imagine the horrors themselves with their own imagination.

♡ 6flags!
 roller coaster park

I had a great time and these are memories I will always cherish!


Thank you so much for reading, I hope you liked this post and little life update!

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