Tuesday, February 18, 2014

♡ Kawaii Amazon Haul ♡

 ♡ Hi lovelies! Long time no see, but I'm back with a new post! My Amazon accessories haul~

Lately I have been doing tons of shopping off Amazon because I found the most perfect Japanese street style inspired accessories, as well as a few adorable phone cases. 
All for only $10! ♡ 

 ♡ I received these 5 well and safely packaged orders ♡ 

5. ♡ Aztec print iphone case 

 ♡ I also got two iphone 4S cases! Both are super adorable but I was little disappointed with them. ♡ 

 ♡ The first package I will share with you, is an Aztec print in blue and black as a gift for my sister! I really love the design and its just wonderful, but here's the upsetting part, the Aztec pattern is a little pixelated and not clear. It looks almost like someone tried to make a small picture wider and the result was a pixelated clip art. However it's barely noticeable especially from far, but if one where to get closer and admire the lovely design, they would notice the pixelatation instantly. Otherwise, I am somewhat pleases with this purchase, it was only $2!  ♡ 

 ♡ My sister loves it! So everything went well in the end ^^ ♡ 

4. ♡ Mustache Ring 

 ♡ I saw this adorable mustache ring.  ♡ 

 ♡ I was a little upset about the size of this ring, as adorable as the mustache is. I was hopping it would fit the length span of all my four fingers, however I still think it was worth the price. I t was only $o.36! Yup!  ♡ 

3. ♡ Spike Headband 

 ♡  My favorite of the accessories I got, is without a doubt my 3 in one spike headband / bracelet / necklace! I can wear it all three ways, isn't that convenient!? ♡ 

 ♡ I've been wanting to own one of these for a long time since they got popular on the streets of Harajuku last summer.  ♡ 

 ♡  They seem to be made of a very light metal, which also very glossy and not metallic looking. 
The placement of the studs is very secure and sturdy, so I don't have to be worried about them falling of. Although  if I decide I want to take them out I can do so with a screw driver! Hopefully the elastic of the band holds for a long time, so I don't have to replace it.  

 ♡  They are also very light compared to what I originally thought. 
It literary looks amazing all three ways. I will most likely wear t as a headband more often than 
another way. I got if for $5. Not a bad price considering i've seen it on some etsy stores etc for abut $10 and  up. ♡ 

2. ♡ Stitch iphone case

 ♡  I saw this stitch phone case tons of times on tumblr etc and I've wanted a case for myself for a long time now. I was finally able to find a cheap pair while browsing phone cases and I bought this little guy for only $2!  ♡ 

1.  Lashes ♡ 

 ♡  I have been wanting to get some falsies for a while now. And now I finally own some! They are really lovely and look almost like the Eyemazing No.105, the ones Kyary wears often times, and I adore them so much~  ♡ 

 ♡ I also found this set of 10 full lashes for only $1.34 !  ♡ 

♡ Over all, I am very happy with this purchase. I got a few goods from my ever growing wishlist and a nice gift as well. All at low prices too! 

♡ However, I don't plan on purchasing much from Amazon again, I find that Ebay has a better selection of goods and they come at better prices. So until my gift card runs out of money, I will stick to ebay, unless Amazon has something I need.  ♡

Thank you for reading~

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

♡ Valentines Day Gift Ideas ♡

Hi lovelies.

♡ Valentines Day is almost here! Do you have any plans for the day? 
I managed to find some adorable items which would make cute Valentines day gifts. Hopefully you all have lovely Valentines experiences even if you don't have plans with anyone.
I on the other hand, is stuck in doors because of a snow storm, at the moment. 

Anyways, take a look at these cute gift ideas:

♡ Polka dot cardigan 

♡ Heart Tote Bag 

♡ My Melody Mug 

♡ Cuddle with that special person and watch every Studio Ghibli movie there ever was! (except The Wind Blows). Or watch them all alone, either way it's a god watch ^^ 

Hope you enjoyed this post, Have a lovely Valentines day cuties!

Thank you for reading~

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

♡ Cleaning your circle lens cases ♡

Hi lovelies!
♡ A few days ago, i decided it was about time i cleaned out the cases of my circle lenses so I thought i ought to make a post showing you all how I did so! This is my first 'How to' post, i hope you like it! 

Let's get started!

What you will need:
  • A clean bowl of hot water (not warm)
  • A second smaller bowl w/ solution (to hold lens)
  • A soft unused toothbrush (or any new & small brush that scrubs well)
  • Clean towel / paper towel 
  • Lens cases that need cleaning lol

♡ First i want to point out that no soap or cleaning agents are needed at all! They can damage your eyes and the lens themselves. Hot water is sufficient enough! Unless you use a specific product for this purpose. 

To begin, fill a bowl with hot water straight out of the kettle, its best to use hot water to clean out the grime and kill bacteria. Take  you circle lens out of the cases and then put all of them into one bowl with soft lens solution in it and covered it to prevent anything from falling in. 

Next, pour out all the old solution in the cases and placed them in the hot water to soak for a little while. 

After words, grab your soft brush and get scrubbing! I used a new and soft toothbrush.

Places you should pay attention to:

1. Inner curve
2. Creases on the sides

The area labeled "2", if you haven't already noticed with you lenses, usually gets dry solution on it and between the creases. Most likely when taking out the lens when putting them on, or if the tops weren't put on tightly enough, therefore leaking solution and causing it to dry into a flaky substance. 

So make sure to scrub every inch of you cases with you brush and hot water, no soap or other cleaning agents are needed. Unless it is a product made specifically for this.

* Scrub , scrub , scrub *
After words, rinse them over the faucet with hot water.

Once you are satisfied with the cleaning you have done, lay your now sparkling clean lens cases facing down, on a clean dry towel or paper towel to dry them out. 

Its best not to wipe at them to prevent stray fibers from settling in them. Air dry them in a location that has little to no product, dust etc flying in the air.

Once dry, fill them 3/4 the way with your solution and get out your soaking lens from the second bowl and put them into their rightful cases.

This is my current collection of circle lens. Its very small but I have a bunch of orders and future reviews, coming up soon!

If you would like me to make a post about cleaning the circle lens themselves, let me know!

Thank you for reading~!

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