Saturday, September 12, 2015

♡ Figure Unboxing Review: Kuroneko One-Piece Dress Ver. ♡

Hi little buns!

I'm back with another figure unboxing post, and to no surprise it's another Kuroneko figure! I also changed up my blogging style a bit, what do you think of it?

This adorable figure has been on my wish list for a little under 2 years, and I was able to finally purchase her a few months back! Now the time has come for me to share the pictures of her unboxing! Yay~ ( And eventfully a video on my channel! )

♡ Figure Info: 

Character: Kuroneko / Gokou Ruri
Anime: Oreimo
Figure maker: Kotobukiya
Size: 1/7
Special Features: Changeable headdress and 
removable skirt!

Unlike the other figures I own, this figure can change both her hair accessories and remove the bottom half of her dress. And with that, she can rock 4 different looks!

Her first look, features a flower-crown and black short dress. This is the look she has when still packaged.

♡ Close Ups: ♡

Appearance Review:

Face: I wish her face had little bit more on an expression, but seeing a her character rends to  be a bit stoic-this fits well! 

Color: The color palette on this figure is very satisfying and simple.

Stance/Pose: Her pose is unique and interesting and I love how it all fits together to show off hair hair, dainty hands and legs and cute outfit!

Detail: Her hair and lace patterns on her outfit have to be one of my favorite details about her. You can also see her toe outlines through her socks lol.

Changeable Headpieces

Her flower crown can be replaced with adorable cat ears!

And just like that she has new accessories on!

♡ Costume Change ♡

In addition to changing her headdress, her clothing can also be altered. 

From her waist down, her dress can be yanked off to revel her under garments, and appear as if she were in beach wear, or even intimates.

And just like that, she under goes a costume change!

Thank you for reading yet another unboxing post! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did putting it together. If you would like to see more unboxing posts go here, or visit myfigurecollection page.

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