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♡ PinkyParadise EOS Venus Eye Red Circle Lens Review ♡

Hi cuties~! Can you believe summer is already ending?! I just outside the patio in my house and the leaves are already turning red! Yikes! Also sorry for the lack of posts this past month! I was on vacation and didn't have a chance to blog. But I'm back~~!

Onto a positive note, today i will be reviewing a lovely pair of red circle lens that I received from PinkyParadise a couple weeks ago. One thing I love about PinkyParadise is their huuuuge selection of circle lens. I was originally going to get a different pair of  lens (Super Pinky Red) for my cosplay -but they were sold out! I was kinda upset because they were perfect, however I was able to find a different pair of circle lens with a very similar look and pattern for a cosplay of mine I was putting together for a convention (Otakon!). Which I attended three weeks ago. I'll be making a separate post about it, look forward~!

Anyways, onto the review!

I received EOS Venus Eye Red circle lens, which were perfect for my Nonon Jakuzure cosplay! I have also been wanting red lens for a while now and how great is it that they came in before Halloween?

Venus Eye Bright Red Circle Lenses (Colored Contacts)

Venus Eye Bright Red Circle Lenses (Colored Contacts)

Brand / VENUS EYE 
Origin / South Korea
Diameter / 14.0mm
Base Curve / 8.6mm
Water Content / 38%
Life Span / Yearly
Prescription / -0.00 ~ -8.00

♡ My Photos 

My package came with a air of free plastic hair plastics, which hold your hair in place while you put on you lens and  do makeup. They an be quite useful, but I prefer to tie my hair back.

Here is a picture from my instagram!

In my package I received, a pair of red lens, a lens holder and a plastic hair holder. To make sure your bangs or hair in general doesn't fall to your face while putting on your new lens.

The vials and lens were official EOS products, that one other thing i love about PinyParadise. They sell official products and not knock-offs!

 The two vials were securely wrapped in tons of a styrofoam material that worked as bubble wrap, so they arrived safely to my doorstep.

On the back are the details in Korean on the lens which I have written above.

As usual, I got my lens with the prescription, however they do come in 0.00-6.00 , so if you wear glasses you can find your prescription with these lens.

I was pleasantly surprised to find my circle lens case was wrapped and not taken out of its original wrapping. I tend to get circle lens cases out of their packages and I feel they are unsanitary and have to wash and boil them before I put my lens in. I still washed these ones, but I felt they were more sanitary.

Here are my lens in the case soaking before I put them in. Right away I noticed how bright and vibrant they were!

I really love the bright red color and the detail! The pattern is simple but very vibrant and perfect for any red eyed character cosplay.

Here is what they look like, a little comparison with my natural eye, both lens in and then with makeup and falsies.

Being silly~

Here are some of the my cosplays I have been working on since receiving these circle lens.

Here I was on my way to Otakon day one as Nonon Jakuzure ( without the hat ) from Kill La Kill!  I look so tan  here omg, that summer sun did a number on me.. hahah).

If red was a natural eye color, these would look completely natural. 

Me and another KLK cosplayer at Otakon! Read about my Otakon posts here!

I also worked on a little Chibi Moon / Dark Lady costest with them:

(shirt is from here)

♡ My Review ♡

Comfort: 5/5
These are probably the most comfortable lens I have worn in a long time! The first time I put them on I barely felt anything. I eventually forgot I even had them on until someone at Otakon complemented my cosplay and pointed out my circle lens, haha! They felt like nothing and didn't dry out even though I had them in for 17 hours! I also didn't use eyedrops or take them out to give my eyes a break, I was 100% comfortable with them in. So naturally I give this a 5/5 !

Color: 5/5
The one thing I love most about these lens is the color. They are very vibrant and really stand out, but because they have a very natural pattern and design, they don't stand out too much. I have found them to be perfect for my red eyed cosplays and as red contacts in general. Some red contacts I have come across look like plain red circles in someones eyes, but these lens have a natural design and lovely pattern. I would like to try this series in different colors. I give this a 5/5.

Enlargement: 3.5/5
The enlargement of these lens was slightly disappointing, but I was expecting  that because they are only 14.0 mm after all. They only sightly enlarge the eyes but don't give them much of a dolly look, honesty I find these work better if you are going for a striking look and not a cute dolly look. A bigger size, around 16mm would work better. I give these a 3.5/5

Overall + Communication: 5/5
I am pleased with my new lens and everything about them, this is one of the best lens I have ever received and even communication with the PinkyParadise staff was very quick and professional. They kindly noted me that the previous lens I wanted were out of stock and notified me on their re-stock date. I decided to order something else anyway, but appreciated their kind replies. I gladly give this a 5/5!

Thank you PinkyParadise!
use the code "misumipyon" for a 10% discount!

Thank you again for reading my review! I hope you liked it! I plan on using these lens for a bunch of coplsays and costests I'm working on. Here's a little hint, one of them is an idol! ^__^
You can purchase your own pair of circle lens here:

use the code "misumipyon" for a 10% discount!

See you next post!

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