Monday, May 19, 2014

♡ Recent Buys ♡

♡ Hey lovelies~! How have you been? I hope you are all looking forward to the weekend, I'm going on an exciting trip to New York! More details on that latter =^^= ♡

♡ Sorry I haven't been as active recently, I've been so busy with school as the year ends and teachers decided to dump a ton of work on us last minute....sigh. But anyways, onto a positive note, here are some recent items i bought and I cant wait for them to get here! I'm also going to make a YouTube channel which I will make review videos for as well as other exciting stuff, look forward~!!! ♡

Here are the items i recently purchased~! ^^
Pink High Heel Bowknots PU Sweet Lolita Shoes
♡ Pink Lolita Shoes 

Brown and Black Medium Curly Lolita Maid Cute Cosplay Wig

♡ Dark Brown Wig 

I got the shoes and wig from *here* , use the code "misumipyon for a discount when you purchase items~!

♡ 20th Anniversary Sailor Moon vol.1 Manga. It's the newest version of the original manga! Eeeep! 

Mini Silver Plated JINGLE BELL With Chain BLACK Velvet Ribbon Choker Necklace -ma... or choose another colour velvet :)

♡ Pentagram / Key / Cat bell 

I decided to get the cat bell choker in pink, pentagram in black and key in lilac because they are pretty colors and match well with the charm ^^

Ultra-soft Silicone 3D Big Boobs Sexy Anime super sonico Mouse Pad Mousepad High 1.10 IN O6

Super Sonico mouse pad ^////^

Thank you for reading! I apreciate the support i've been getting on here especially on tumblr. You cuties are really sweet, I love the anonymous messages I get on tumblr they are adrable <3 I hope you will contiue to support me ^^

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