Thursday, October 31, 2013

♡ Dueba Puffy (G&G Shinny) Grey Review ~ ♡

Hi guys~ Happy Halloween!!! Hope you had a great day~ p.s it was also my birthday! 
I'll be making a post about that later ^^

  Anyways, I have a new review to share with you! was nice enough to allow me to do this sponsored
 review, which I really enjoyed putting together. I've been obsessing over 
grey lenses lately, so I got:

Dueba Puffy (G&G Shiny) Grey

Lens Info:

Origin: Korea

 Diameter : 14.5mm

 Water Content : 38%

 Base Curve : 8.6mm

 Life Span : 1 year disposal

♡ For the most part, the lenses were safely packed in the package. 
The inside of the envelope was lined with bubble wrap,so they were super safe. 

♡ The lens vials were enclosed in this little adorable blue box. 

♡ The brand label , G&G, is printed on the front. So these are not fake! Details on the back are in Korean 

♡ The prescription comes from -0.00 to +10.0. So if you need a prescription, the choice is available~! 

♡ I also got this cute hippo cases, they come free with every purchase! I've been seeing these everywhere and I'm really happy to finally own my own pair 

♡ I also received a very kind letter from the company thanking me for being a customer and for making this review. 

♡ Right away I noticed just how bright the grey is, they arent "shinny" for no reason. I was kind of worried that they would look too unnatural on me, because I was hoping for a natural looking eye color. 

♡ With flash 

♡ No flash 

♡ I love the color so much! They are bright and almost appear blueish-grey. I wore them as part of my costume for a Halloween party my friends threw for me and while I was trick or treating. I got so many compliments on how pretty my eyes were, people who didn't know me thought they were my real eyes -I didn't deny it lol- because they look really natural and blend in with your real eye color. 

♥ More Details 

Comfort: 5/5 

I found these lenses surprisingly comfortable. And because they are small it isn't hard to put them in. They also don't dry up quickly at all. I wore them tonight for Halloween and spent about 3 hours in them with out using any eyedrops. Although, when i first put them in my vision was a little blurry (they were probably not put in correctly), but after a while of having them in they settled properly on my eyes and my vision returned to normal.

Shipping / Postage: 5/5   

I give this a good rating because the shipping was surprisingly fast. I only waited about 12 days before the package arrived in my mailbox. 

Communication: 4/5  

Communication was little slow for reasons I don't know. I managed to communicate well enough, but it took a while to respond. However they did answer all the questions I asked, and thy were very kind.

Well that's all I have to share today. I hope you enjoyed this post. 


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Sunday, October 20, 2013

♡ NimbusPrints@ etsy Toroto tshirt review ♡

Hi everyone~ 

 ♡ Today I'll be review one of the awesome tshirts by nimbusprints on etsy! I've procrastinated enough with making this review buuuut i finally got it done! 

♡ Mosaicshirts sells tons of tshirts with all kinds of prints on them. From anime to rock inspired tshirts. Prints include Studio Ghibli movies, Cowboy Bepop  among other popular anime to famous musicians from the past. Even better, you can select the color and size you want! 

Here's a quick look at their products:

Akira Inspired Screenprinted T-ShirtGenshiken Inspired Screenprinted T-Shirt

 They were generous enough to send me this cute Totoro t-shirt 
to review! 

♡My package arrived much sooner than I expected. Only about a week and a half 

after it was sent to my address. I was so excited to get it opened! ♡

♡ It came out nice a folded. Isn't it adorable!? ♡

♡ I got it in an adult small size. And it's pretty comfortable. The color is also very lovely, I love pastels and this lilac color is very cute. 

♡ I absolutely love this shirt! The material is very soft and not scratchy at all,
 I'm kind of picky about fabrics but I had no problem with this one at all. 

♡New review on my blog♡
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♡ I also successfully put together this cute outfit! 

More Details

Shipping / Postage:  ♥ 5/5

 I was really impressed by how quick my package arrived. I thought it 
might take about a week and a half, but surprisingly it was in my mail box only a week and a half later. 

Communication:  5/ 5  

♡ Communication with the stores' owner was very nice actually. He was very 
kind and responded to every message I sent him. So this too deserves five hearts. 

Products:   5/ 5

 I loooooove the t-shirt so much that I have to give it five too! I really love the chibi picture of Tororo, its just too cute And the fabric is really soft and not at all scratchy or rough. Also, the lilac color, known as "ice purple" on the stores list of colors, looked much better than I originally thought. I'm 100% satisfied with my t-shirt. 

You can get one here:

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