Sunday, February 8, 2015

♡ Valentines Day Gift Ideas! ♡

♡ Hello! Valentines Day is almost here, in fact its a week away! Do you have any plans for the day?  I managed to find some adorable items which would make cute Valentines day gifts. Hopefully you all have lovely Valentines experiences even if you don't have plans with anyone.
I have a girls day out planned with my best friends, whom most of which are single-but that's ok! Because have each other! Haha! 

Anyways, take a look at these cute gift ideas! 
Follow the links to view/purchase the items!

Adventure Time goodies!

As a huge fan of Adventure Time, getting almost anything from the fandom would make me super happy!

Zelda goodies!

More nerdy goodies! Lol. I'm a huge fan od the LoZ fandom and I'm looking forward to the new relsease of Majoras Mask, which apparently already sold out in some countires?! ( Japan no doubt ). I hope to get my hands on the game and hopefully the special resealse 3ds xl! Anyways, here are some LoZ goodies!

Just Girly things!

Pink and frilly things are an automatic yes in my book! And they make as perfect gits for other girl who also like super feminine products. From lingerie to perfume to plushies! You know-- just girly things!
~Just Girls Things~

Victoria s Secret fragrance

Victoria s Secret body cleanser

Essie nail polish

Charlotte Russe anchor necklace

Rebecca Minkoff crossbody purse
$195 -

Rebecca minkoff handbag

Victoria s Secret panty

Heart home decor

Baked Goods!

For those of you have a sweet tooth! You could buy delicious deserts or even make some home baked goods! And for a cozy date idea nor not, watch you favorite movies or tv shows!

Movies and TV Shows!
Speaking of which,, here are some movies and tv shows as other gifts ideas!

SAILOR MOON Complete Movies R S Super S 3 DVD Collection Box Set in ENGLISH DUBNeon Genesis Evangelion Complete Tv Series 1-26 + 2 Movies Collection DVD in USA

♡ Cuddle with that special person and watch every Studio Ghibli movie there ever was! (except The Wind Blows & When Marnie Was There). Or watch them all alone, either way it's a good watch, especially if you have some good food with you~. ^^ 

Hope you enjoyed this post, have a lovely Valentines day cuties!

Thank you for reading~

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