Friday, October 30, 2015

♡💀 Cute-Halloween Inspired Ebay Finds! Part 1 💀♡

Happy almost Halloween !

 I mean omg its almost Halloween and if you follow me on twitter (follow me plz and thank) , you know I'm super excited for it. Considering its my favorite day of the year, because it also my birthday - I'm always excited for it!
As we get closer and closer to Oct 31, I grow more anxious so I decided to put together this Halloween inspired ebay finds post, as I did some early bday shopping and outfit cordinating for this month~

Take a look at what I found!

💕💀 Accessories 💀💕


💕💀 NSFW  💀💕



Black Harness             Bra-like Harness


Triangle Harness               Choker Harness


💕💀 Shoes 💀💕

Glitter Jelly Platforms
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  1. Thank you for this post, it's useful! I was thinking about where to buy those white wings and your post helped me!
    Wonderholic♡姫 | GIVEAWAY+ Contest - free SheIn dress!

  2. Love the wings!! It's the perfect shape and size. I'll have to get them next time I dress up. Thanks for the post!!